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Online Backups

With the critical information that tends to get stored on your company’s servers, it’s understandable that you’ll appreciate a means of backing up that data so that your business is not severely compromised in the event of an unforeseen disaster. However, working out how best to backup the data that is so important not just […]

The SQL database product has been commonly bundled with various Microsoft releases, which has made it an especially popular database tool. However, the increased number of SQL implementations also brings with it the need for a good means of backing up your SQL server. This means choosing a solution that is not only reliable and […]

There are many ways in which critical information may be exchanged and/or stored within your business, and there’s no question that the emails that are sent between employees, customers and partners can be a key record of tasks or even confidential company information pertaining to commerce, policy decisions or other areas. You will not, therefore, […]

You can depend on Proxar IT Support to provide the highest standard of not only Windows cloud backups, but also Linux cloud backups. With the Zmanda Linux Client, you can ensure that your Linux systems have been reliably and cost-effectively backed up and protected, with quick recovery also possible. Seamless integration between Zmanda Linux Clients […]

Our Windows cloud backups make use of the Microsoft Online Backup Service, which is a service that has been introduced for Windows Server “8” and ensures the safety and security of your server’s backed up data. If you lose critical data as a result of any of a number of possible disasters, you’ll want to […]

Highly secure, reliable and affordable cloud backup to secure your business critical data

When it comes to IT hardware disaster Secure Online Backups can really save your business and help you recover from it very quickly. If something happens to your internal or external hard disk loosing crucial data can be a huge problem and can be very costly. With online backups you don’t have to worry about […]

If your business accepts card payments, then it will need to ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Your customers will expect the data on their credit and debit cards to be suitably protected by organisations like your own, and the 12 basic security requirements that make up PCI DSS […]

Once you have set up online backups, the recovery process is very simple and quick. Proxar IT Support will help you to recover your desired data, whether you accidentally deleted a file or an entire folder, your hard drive broke down or you simply want the previous version of a file. The recovery process can […]