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Your company stands to benefit financially from Green IT upgrades and migrations that help to reduce your IT equipment's consumption of power. Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we can plan your green IT infrastructure, not only assessing your current IT infrastructure, but also deploying your new infrastructure with zero downtime, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits of using it. With the correctly and most carefully designed IT environment as a result of Green IT migrations and upgrades, you can look forward to increased energy efficiency, lower total costs as a result of space required for equipment being saved, decreased recycling and disposal costs and - of course - a reduced carbon footprint.

There are few IT infrastructures where efficiencies of some kind could not be made, and our Green IT upgrades and migrations have long been instrumental in helping organisations to boost resiliency, regain power and cooling capacity and significantly improve server and network capacity, all while slashing the total cost of cloud infrastructure ownership. Examples of the work of Proxar IT Consulting in this area include replacing 8 old servers with just one of the highest specification, which immediately reduces power requirements, in addition to the rack space that is required to accommodate an equal processing capacity.

We are great believers in our 'efficient by design' cloud infrastructure strategy here at Proxar IT Consulting, and by adhering to it and using a balanced combination of power efficient technologies as part of our Green IT upgrades and migrations, we have consistently brought our clients very tangible results. We have achieved our proven record of repeatedly reducing carbon output, energy costs and the total cost of ownership by identifying and implementing solutions which are perfectly suited to each and every client's varying data centre requirements. You might be interested in the much better performance and energy-efficiency that is possible when you choose our Green IT upgrades to modern, more efficient servers. Alternatively, you may want us to implement virtualisation that reduces your server footprint and boosts infrastructure efficiency, or to consolidate a presently under-utilised infrastructure. Our experts in Green IT migrations and upgrades are also skilled in decommissioning inefficient network devices and servers and improving maintenance procedures so that idle time for servers is reduced.

There are many organisations that could benefit from Green IT upgrades and migrations, including those affected by the Climate Change Agreement or Carbon Reduction Commitment, or participants in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Nor is it even necessarily the case that infrastructure will need to be replaced, with our professionals in Green IT migrations and upgrades advising on how a given hardware's energy use can be reduced without the need for its removal - useful if your firm is mid-cycle or lacks the budget for new hardware. However, the fact that according to McKinsey 2008, an average of 32% of servers operate at an average of 3% utilisation suggests that there are many benefits to be offered by the right Green IT upgrades and migrations, with those from Proxar IT Consulting reducing the ongoing costs of your data centre network by as much as 80%.

Isn't that wasted money that you would much prefer to have re-invested in your core business? Our professionals will quickly introduce you to the savings that you can make, so that you can see a clear return on investment (ROI). With the Green IT migrations and upgrades of Proxar IT Consulting, you can reduce data centre energy costs while better meeting corporate sustainability mandates. We help you to reduce the costs of power and cooling and manage increasingly out-of-control cloud infrastructure energy costs as a result of Green IT upgrades and migrations that also really help you to better utilise existing assets. Contact Proxar IT Consulting now to find out more about how you can maximise the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.