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Network Security Solutions

From audit, to implementation and certification, we can advise you at every stage of the process

What type of web technology does your business use? JAVA? PHP? These are the two most common types – but, regardless, the system security of your company’s chosen type of web technology is undeniably paramount. Thankfully, here at Proxar, we offer full security audits, plus consultancy and implementation services, to assist your business in improving […]

Every seriously aspiring business needs an efficient computer network, and any network like this, no matter what the size, needs similarly efficient firewalls. This is because firewalls form your network’s primary defence against online security risks, and can therefore considerably boost your peace of mind concerning your network security. Proxar IT Consulting provide a wide […]

Every business owner is likely to worry from time to time about the standard of their IT security, and if you are to keep your Linux system secure, then you’ll need to know how it can be configured and managed. With Linux security management from Proxar IT Consulting, you can be sure that your Linux […]

One crucial aspect of maintaining the strength of your company’s network security is protecting the network against DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. A DDOS attack comes about when an individual or group attempts to prevent a website or web service, such as a network, from functioning – either temporarily or indefinitely. Successful DDOS attacks […]

As a client of Proxar IT Consulting, you can benefit from our use of Cisco Network Security Solutions to protect and maintain the integrity of your network. Network security solutions help to safeguard your network and data against external threats, preventing them from entering or spreading on your network. Such threats commonly include viruses, worms, […]

The importance of securing your business network communications and information means that, as a network administrator, you need to invest in the very best security measures. Among the most effective are two tools that Cisco has developed: the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). This solution allows you to be protected against […]