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Proxar IT understands that Network Monitoring is not simply a matter of installing a tool and waiting passively for alerts when things go awry. The configuration of network monitoring tools is absolutely critical to the success of a monitoring platform. Proxar IT’s team have decades of collective experience in monitoring system configuration, and will ensure that network monitoring for your business is tailored to your environment and your businesses needs. Managed with the correct configuration, network monitoring will not only protect a business from avoidable problems and outages, it will inform your business about growth and support forward capacity planning. Proxar IT will use this configuration expertise as part of its implementation of a fully outsourced network monitoring platform, however, we are also able to help clients who wish to keep monitoring in house with configuration of the tools and systems they already use.

Network Monitoring with Nagios

Correct configuration of a network monitoring system needs planning, careful implementation and on going maintenance. Nagios is a powerful tool, capable of monitoring network devices – such as switches, firewalls and routers – and also the wired and wireless components that connect them. However, without correct configuration, there is a danger that services that are business critical are not monitored; monitored systems do not alert on pre-failure conditions that need attention; or alerts fire too often. The latter is a common symptom of a misconfigured monitoring system, causing wasted time for engineers, causing engineers to “learn” to ignore alerts, or worst of all, genuine actionable alerts lost in a sea of false-positive noise.

Adjusting Network Monitoring Settings

Proxar IT can bring a wealth of experience as a mature IT Consulting Company to ensure the network monitoring our clients need is correctly configured. Sensible thresholds for alerts, adequate graphing for trends, a broad base of functionality monitored is all part of the Proxar IT offering. We offer this to our outsourced managed network monitoring clients, but all on a consultancy basis too.

Network monitoring cannot be treated as a simple technical service delivered as a product from a supplier to a client. Proxar IT works with its clients to ensure network monitoring services and thresholds are tailored to your business needs. A normal level of traffic for one business may be the sign of a problem in another — network monitoring is not an area where one size fits all. Proxar IT works with clients to understand their business, as well as technical metrics such as traffic patterns and latency, to build network monitoring configurations that work effectively.

Network monitoring should not only look at the here and now of working and faulty components, but also gather metrics on speeds, latencies, utilisation levels and so on and retain this data in a searchable form. Historical data forms the context from which abnormalities can be detected, or predicted. Ideally, it should be presented in an easy to manipulate format, but without excessive summarisation hiding crucial details. All this data informs the capacity planning processes of a network monitoring function, allowing trends to be projected, and appropriate measures taken to ensure Proxar IT clients’ networks are always optimally available. 

Naturally Proxar IT offers network monitoring configuration services as part and parcel of our outsourced network monitoring service. However, for clients that prefer to have their own network monitoring in house, we offer consultancy in the configuration of network monitoring.

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