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Proxar IT base our network monitoring on two rock-solid industry standard network monitoring tools: Nagios and Cacti. Nagios is now the default monitoring tool of choice for most IT departments large and small. Increasingly, third party software vendors ship monitoring "hooks" designed explicitly with Nagios in mind. The core Nagios product can be installed and operated free of licence fees, but vendor support and commercial additions are also available for more demanding deployments. Nagios provides on going, real time monitoring; Cacti augments this with a database of stored, historical information that can be used to create graphs. Cacti provides the long term trending analysis every efficiently run network monitoring system needs. With the confidence that comes from years of experience with these tools we are able to offer clients configuration and implementation services around Nagios and/or Cacti.

Nagios – Comprehensive Monitoring Open Source Software

Nagios has risen over the last decade to become the de facto standard in IT systems monitoring. It is capable of monitoring extremely diverse environments, across hardware from many vendors, and is not confined to network monitoring. Support of Cisco networking equipment from Nagios is excellent, and the range of checks run against Cisco hardware can also be applied to other major networking vendors such as Brocade/Foundry, Force10 and HP/3Com. Monitoring starts with to the health of core network components’ CPU usage, internal temperature, free memory and so on -- and extends to port status and line utilisation levels. Complex failover arrangements, such as those found on some redundant component pairs like firewalls, are monitored for abnormalities, and will even alert on sudden changes of state not associated with a failure. Every critical and supporting component in a modern network can be monitored with Nagios, and it remains Proxar IT's consultants preferred tool for network monitoring. However, in a default state, Nagios will not automatically gather all the information needed to support and monitor a network. Discovery, configuration planning and careful implementation are required to ensure Nagios delivers all that it can. Proxar IT consultants are capable and ready to deliver a working Nagios implementation for our clients.

Through the use of agents Nagios monitoring can be taken beyond network monitoring if desired. Proxar IT Consulting is able to manage the integration into Nagios of supporting infrastructure -- such as power distribution units or bars (PDUs), uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), storage arrays and storage networking equipment (SANs), temperature and moisture sensors, conventional computing servers, desktops and even office printers. Such is the dominance of Nagios in the monitoring field almost every hardware manufacturer's systems are supported as targets for Nagios monitoring. Proxar IT consulting are able to take your requirements for monitoring and implement a comprehensive system for observation and supervision of all parts of your IT infrastructure.

Cacti provide capacity and performance graphs

Proxar IT uses Cacti alongside Nagios monitoring to gather, store and display metrics on network health and utilisation. It is said a picture paints a thousand words, and Cacti's pictures come in the form of graphs. Almost any network health item that can be expressed as a number can be stored, graphed, and alerted on abnormalities. Cacti's database of information, and supporting graphs, are essential in network capacity planning, and in diagnostics for incidents when abnormalities are suspected. Proxar IT implementation services for network monitoring extend beyond Nagios to Cacti and we are delighted to apply our knowledge of the tools to assist our clients to better control and understand their networks.

As a leading consulting company we have experience gathered over many years of Nagios and Cacti implementations, and are able to provide assistance, or full implementation services, for clients that want best-in-class monitoring for their network or more. Contact Proxar IT today for a no obligation consultation on our Network Monitoring implementation services.

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