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Although the benefits of a dedicated server for your company are certainly numerous - ranging from the freedom to choose your own software to the removal of the risk of ending up in a "crowded neighbourhood" - the reality is that for certain companies, a shared hosting platform is just so much more cost-effective. We design our managed hosting platform to provide you with truly outstanding performance, whether you are based in the UK or abroad. Not only is our shared hosting solution fully redundant and hosted in an ultra-secure UK facility, but you can also have the utmost faith in its performance and reliability. We certainly do, as it is the hosting web development platform on which our own website, www.proxar.co.uk, is hosted!

A high level of cost-effectiveness

Nonetheless, it is the sheer cost-effectiveness of shared hosting that truly attracts so many companies, as it is simply the most effective way for the majority of businesses to get online. After all, when you choose shared hosting, you can spread the cost of server maintenance amongst those that you are sharing the server with. If you need to publish information about your company online, but do not expect a very high level of traffic, we can combine the cost advantages of sharing with an exceptionally high quality managed hosting platform - even compared to the many dedicated servers out there.

Outstanding performance

Another priority that you will have when you are considering the many available hosting web development solutions is outstanding performance - not least given the recent news that Google is now downranking sites that load more slowly than competitors. Sadly, in particular when such websites are viewed from the UK or Europe, many shared hosting platforms deliver rather poor performance. This is not the case when you choose shared hosting from Proxar IT Consulting, as we have developed a managed hosting platform that provides the highest level of performance in page delivery. We also constantly monitor the performance of our managed hosting platform to ensure that your site loads with lightning speed, both in the data centre and from ADSL connections. By measuring page delivery times, we can ensure that even with last mile latency in the UK to consider, base HTML pages load in less than a tenth of a second. That's not something that you are likely to see the much-hyped shared hosting platforms of our competitors achieving!

From development to production

There aren't too many shared hosting services out there that offer any kind of development environment for the testing of content and code. Our own managed hosting solution is one of the exceptions to the rule! As a matter of fact, we'll give you a full "as live" hosting web development environment for experimenting with new code and ideas. The whole deployment process from development to production, not to mention roll back, is a "one touch" operation.

Security and/or proxy

It's just not wise to put web servers on the Internet without proper security measures, certainly not given the many new hacking victims and online exploits that occur on a daily basis - which is why we don't. Instead, we deter those who attempt to deface or hack your web properties with two in-line security devices. Although it is our belief that every shared hosting solution should feature this kind of proper security, it is, alas, not the case - although we hope that this is a commitment that our competitors will join us in one day.

A free choice of technology

With most shared hosting platforms, you are restricted to a single CMS (content management system), programming language and tool set, not least as it is generally the provider’s responsibility in any case to manage the server, as well as to install software and updates. That is not the case when you invest in shared hosting from Proxar IT Consulting, as we support not only our own recommended options, Joomla (PHP) and MySQL, but are also happy to discuss with you the possibility of hosting a tool set and database of your own choice.

We eat our own dog food!

That's right: our belief in the high quality of our shared hosting platform is demonstrated by the fact that we use it to host our very own website, at www.proxar.co.uk. That makes it the perfect place to look first if you want to experience the speed, security and reliability of our shared hosting solution for yourself, before you lay out a penny. We stake our reputation and future business on this hosting web development platform, and we'd love nothing more than to be able to share its benefits with you.

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