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Companies across the UK, Europe and beyond are rapidly realising the importance of housing their critical IT systems in facilities that are as secure as they are well-connected, and that allow for their individual needs to be met and monitored with regard to "clean", uninterrupted power, a high level of physical security and filtered, cooled air. Well, the good news is that here at Proxar, we maintain colocation partnerships with all manner of centres in London, other areas of the UK and overseas, so that you always have the perfect location for your company's equipment - whether you require a single server or dozens of racks.

Why invest in data centre colocation?

With IT services becoming more and more critical to the successful operation of any company, it's hardly surprising that so many firms are beginning to invest in data centre colocation. Whereas it was once widespread practice to simply house servers in poor quality "in house" facilities or even office spaces, more and more businesses are now eager to ensure a more appropriate home for their data and systems. By investing in colocation at a carrier neutral data centre, you can gain access to the multiple diverse fibre network feeds and supporting HVAC systems that simply aren't available at most workplaces. Proxar's highly capable and experienced network migration engineers can give you advice on choosing and migrating into a third party data centre that best caters for your needs.

Allow us to assist you with the process of datacentre selection

We maintain partnerships with data centre providers in three locations in the UK, in addition to a dozen international sites. It all means that whether you require a high standard of security, 24/7 access and monitoring, low latency to the UK or other markets, highly cost-effective power or a wide choice of network providers, we can advise you on the datacentre selection process. There is said to be as much as 7.6 million square metres (81m sq.ft.) of data centre space in the UK, which is the equivalent of 900 full size football pitches, with an estimated 6.4 GW - enough to power about six million homes - being consumed annually. As the UK data centre market continues to grow and mature, we can direct you to the best-priced and most suitable spaces and opportunities for datacentre migration, of which plenty still exist even given the burgeoning popularity of network migration from on-site data centres to third party colocation.

Our high standard of datacentre migration and support

If there is one thing that can deter many IT departments and service providers from datacentre migration, however, it is that the actual network migration process can be very daunting. Thankfully, Proxar has a strong track record of advising, planning and executing datacentre migration, whilst avoiding any unplanned downtime - even if your planned colocation is at a significant scale. We do not limit our datacentre migration services to mere high-level project management, as we undertake physical moves just as competently as network failover and application migrations. What's more, once everything is in place, you can be assured of the maximum support that you require in your new IT centre, courtesy of our complete colocation monitoring and management service.


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