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Information Technology Project Management can be expensive and challenging for any organisations; the complexity of these challenges are increasing exponentially.

Such projects are typically exemplified by the following characteristics:
•    business process,
•    vendor management,
•    governance.

A wide range of skills are required including:
•    IT project management;
•    Technical and technology expertise;
•    Quality management;
•    Skills which are not core competencies of the organisation;
•    Numerous third party suppliers and contractors may be involved;
•    Irregular demand for particular skills and resources throughout the project;
•    An on-going need to allocate resources to maintain existing operational systems.

With this in mind, the positive outcome of IT Management Projects is fundamental to an organisation’s success. If you are looking to redevelop or rebuild a new IT infrastructure at a fixed fee, you can benefit from Proxar’s predefined fee IT project management solutions.

Vendor Independent IT Consulting

Proxar IT Project Management brings specialist capacity and expertise to you and facilitate and coordinate third parties, including vendors and suppliers, to ensure they meet their commitments to the end user.

Our IT Project Management Expertise

We pride ourselves on our information technology project management expertise and facilitation skills. We work with all the stakeholders and third party suppliers to ensure new processes meet the organisation’s operational and strategic objectives.

The rich variety of service components we use when designing a solution meets the individual company objectives. Our solution is tailored to the client’s unique business, organisational and technical environment.

Proxar IT Consulting can work on-site to gather business and technical requirements, design appropriate solutions, manage IT product management delivery and integration as a one-stop outsourced solution. This simplifies all aspects of project accomplishment ensuring high quality standards and your satisfaction at all times throughout the process.

Fixed-Fee Information Technology Project Management Solutions - London, UK and Kent – Proxar IT Consulting.