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Proxar IT Consulting delivers specialist IT network design services in London and across the UK.

Every network infrastructure design, however successful, needs to be refreshed every few years. IT network design and implementation is a great opportunity to build new infrastructure without affecting resource essential for day-to-day operations.

Our representatives have widespread experience of building both WAN (Wide Area Networks) and LAN (Local Area Networks). Specialised in Cisco Systems, our company is capable of building secure high-performance platforms compliant with policies and common standards of networking. Proxar IT Consulting provide a unique combination of IT network infrastructure design and Linux/UNIX systems-related consultancy; Red Hat Linux operating systems being our particular area of expertise.

Network Design London and UK-Wide

At Proxar IT Consulting we know the implementation phase is as crucial as network design. We pride ourselves on minimising the disturbances to your business and consulting carefully. That is why we ensure equipment is delivered, tested and configured in a timely fashion. Our certified staff can help you build a stable and fast platform for your business that benefit from modern technologies such as Virtualisation.

Proxar IT Consulting can provide your business with network design, infrastructure design and implementation of local area networks, secure internet access, VPN’s and inter-office networks that are not only cost effective and tailored for your business needs.

Green IT Design

One of the key measurements we use to establish whether the network design is effective, is by looking at productivity and availability. To ensure productivity remains efficient, there must be high "up-times" for services and resources. As a result, high quality hardware and software must be used and therefore we tend to recommend Cisco equipment and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Operating System.

Your infrastructure configuration, protocols and Operating System is carefully managed to ensure there is no interruption to your business. In addition, the network resources to be utilised will be documented and mapped to your working environment. Finally, a plan for IT network design, network security, system administration, backups, as well as support, will be developed based on your company’s needs. Proxar IT Consulting will provide a working diagram of the proposed network configuration in conjunction with the project proposal.

Depending on your business needs, we can take responsibility for part of an infrastructure design, network design, or deliver an end-to-end solution. For example, previous customers have asked us to build Disaster Recovery (DR) sites or increase the size of existing environments without disrupting permanent members of staff.

IT Network Design - Proxar IT Consulting.