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What is Green IT Cloud infrastructure Network Design?

Cloud infrastructure Networks consume more energy per square foot than any other part of an office. That energy consumption mainly comes from servers and network equipment. Increasing server density only makes the problem worse, but by implementing Green IT Network Design - modern, energy efficient servers require less energy and they are normally far more powerful – you can reduce energy use and significantly reduce energy expenses.

To achieve this goal, we have invested in a suite of environmentally friendly IT Services that are high performing, reliable, scalable and cost-effective. We can ensure that you have a long-lasting, sustainable Cloud infrastructure network.

Green IT Consultancy

Proxar’s Green IT Consultancy can help you achieve an environmentally friendly and long-lasting Cloud infrastructure network, which will reduce energy use and therefore significantly reduce energy expenses. If your current servers and network equipment use energy inefficiently and have larger space requirements, with Green IT Consulting you can reduce cost and increase productivity.

Green IT Audit and Report

Right now reduction of carbon emissions is an absolute business essential. Our Green IT Audit and Report solutions allow you to arrange required resources and assists you make the right decisions on reduction of your carbon footprint. The process consists of measuring consumed power and efficiency of infrastructure, then providing you with an in-depth report into how you can improve your network.

Green IT Audit and Reports provides answers on what in your infrastructure is using the most power or where the main carbon reductions be made. Thanks to it we can find the best solution for carbon footprint reduction.

Green IT Network Design

Implementation of a Green IT Network Design is beneficial, because it is capable of reducing operational costs and power usage while increasing network efficiency. Proxar is able to design any network infrastructure to meet capacity needs and required performance and at the same time as reducing the power consumption at the Cloud infrastructure and therefore decreasing the total cost of ownership for your Cloud infrastructure infrastructure.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Investing in energy efficient equipment will make your business environment friendly. Employees prefer to work in green organisations, which care about low carbon emissions and saving energy. We can install energy efficient equipment in your IT infrastructure, by replacing old and inefficient devices with new more efficient ones. Proxar will help to decrease on-going spending of your Cloud infrastructure, as well as reduce the rack space needed to accommodate the same processing capacity.

Cloud Infrastructure Power Consumption

Before building a new, more sustainable infrastructure we will measure your Cloud infrastructure's power consumption and energy efficiency. When measuring it two metrics are important: Power Usage Effectiveness and Cloud infrastructure Efficiency. These are used to compare the amount of energy used by the Cloud infrastructure infrastructure with amount of electricity used by the Cloud infrastructure’s IT equipment.

Why do you need Green IT?

On 1st April 2011 the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme came into effect in the UK. Formerly known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment, it will operate as a ‘cap-and-trade’ mechanism and is a central part of the Government’s plan to reduce CO2 emissions in private and public companies.

While it is the first piece of legislation targeting the UK’s biggest energy users, all organisations need to think seriously about how their IT systems work and act quickly to increase their energy efficiency to protect themselves against the impact of future energy efficiency legislation.

How can Green IT help you?

IT efficiency means Cloud infrastructure energy consumption can be instantly reduced by up to 60%. In addition, green IT saves you money through reduced CRC levies, less frequent machines failure and smaller space requirements.

Our green IT solutions also provide:
1. Practical ideas that can be implemented immediately.
2. Typical return on investment after nine to twelve months.
3. Written report with recommendations.
4. Non-intrusive solutions, ideal for refreshing and upgrading existing Cloud infrastructure.

By combining power efficient technologies with an ‘efficient by design’ Cloud infrastructure strategy we will create a sustainable Green IT infrastructure that will deliver tangible benefits, including a reduction in carbon output, an improved total cost of ownership and significantly reduced energy costs.

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