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Although Overlay Transport Virtualisation (OTV) is certainly one advantage of adopting Cisco Nexus series switches, it is actually only one of the many advanced features that are available to you. That’s because, when you choose Nexus, you also have such possibilities before you as 40 and 100 Gb Ethernet speeds, Converged Enhanced Ethernet (or Datacentre Ethernet, which is an enabler for Fibre Channel Over Ethernet (FCoE)) and Layer 2 Multi Pathing (which makes use of the TRILL standard), not to mention its Cisco extension, FabricPath. Whatever your exact requirements are for your datacentre or wider business, by contacting Proxar’s consultants, you can look forward to having these possibilities correctly applied, with great benefits in cost and performance as a result.

New developments in datacentre networking

Proxar IT Consulting recognises that there are certain new trends in the world of datacentre networking that are impossible to ignore. No longer, for example, does enterprise traffic largely comprise two-tier client/server applications and client PC access of file services, which was well suited to traditional hierarchical network designs. It is becoming increasingly the norm, in fact, for datacentre traffic to be server-to-server (intra datacentre). Adding to this traffic pattern is virtualization, with its live migration traffic and virtual desktops. Proxar IT Consulting recognises that new patterns in datacentre network usage suggest new ways of thinking and planning networks, and the Cisco Nexus platform offers features that address the challenges of today’s enterprise.

Converged Networking

Converged networking is a growing trend in datacentre networking, as operators seek to remove duplicate Ethernet/data and FibreChannel/storage (SAN) networks, and converge. ‘Out of the box’ Ethernet is too “lossy” for storage traffic, but Converged Enhanced Ethernet allows for the deterministic and lossless performance that Fibre Channel has traditionally delivered. The converged protocol is Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and, with the latest software versions, is supported over the full range of Cisco Nexus products. Proxar IT Consultants can advise on the suitability of Cisco’s range of traditional Fibre Channel products which can interface legacy Fibre Channel equipment into a Nexus FCoE fabric.

The applications of 10Gb Ethernet

Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we have previously viewed 10Gb Ethernet primarily as an uplink standard. It is, however, becoming increasingly customary for 10Gb to be used for storage and server connections, with wider pipes for uplink and switch interconnect being required. Nexus fabrics support 40Gb and, from 2012, 100Gb uplink and core switch ports. With careful planning, it is possible to use Nexus to deploy 10Gb to large numbers of servers in an entirely non-blocking/non-oversubscribed way. All in all, Proxar IT Consulting can advise on the designs and equipment that are required to take datacentre network to the limits of what is possible today in terms of throughput and latency.

An introduction to TRILL

Perhaps the most radical change that can be unlocked with the Nexus platform is the option to use Layer 2 multi-pathing, or TRILL (and its Cisco extension, FabricPath). TRILL is a Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links, and Proxar IT Consulting believes that this has the capability to improve datacentre network reliability over what Spanning Tree has traditionally delivered, whilst reducing the amount of hardware that is deployed in a datacentre network. TRILL can reduce to zero the number of unused or blocked ports relative to spanning tree. It is as part of this arrangement that all links are active and used at all times, and link state monitoring similar to that seen in Layer 3 networks is used to prevent loops creating broadcast storms. Nexus with TRILL enables flatter, faster networks to be developed, and Proxar IT Consulting can partner with you to ensure the deployment of FabricPath whenever you require its features.

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Proxar IT Consulting is able to manage the deployment of other Nexus features, such as outstanding VMWare and NetApp integration, integration with virtual switches through the Nexus 1000v Virtual Switch and integration with HP Blade chassis through a hardware fabric extender. Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we strongly believe that no other network vendor has such a strong range of features for the Nexus datacentre range of those that are available on the market today. Simply contact us for details on how we can bring these benefits to your enterprise.

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