Private Cloud

Private Cloud solutions

Some of the benefits of using a Private Cloud Solutions are:

  • Greater level of control over security and performance
  • Applications, data and other resources are kept segregated from, and inaccessible to, other cloud tenants
  • Ability to test, install and deploy new technologies not available through public cloud service.

The merits of public cloud computing are many. There are various organisations – such as small businesses, start-ups with restricted budgets, small government agencies and large organisations focussing on better application cost controls – that are likely to find the public cloud perfectly suitable for their needs.

However, there are many other organisations for which a private cloud is the superior solution, and the Cisco Reseller and Partner, Data Centre Shop can assist them to their goal of building one.

Explaining the public and the private cloud

With its reputation for services including Cisco and Red Hat consulting as well as the reselling of Cisco equipment, Data Centre Shop is well-placed to advise on private cloud network design.

However, to discuss the matter of building your own private cloud in more detail, it is first necessary to know more about what distinguishes the public from the private cloud. A public cloud is one offered by an external cloud provider with its own data centre, with space shared amongst the organisations that rent it.

The number of ‘tenants’ with which a firm shares public cloud space could run into the thousands, but there are certain advantages of this arrangement – not least of all, financial. Each tenant’s applications, data and other resources are kept segregated from, and inaccessible to, other tenants.

The management, maintenance and updating of the infrastructure is the responsibility of the public cloud provider, rather than the client, which may lack the resources to set up its own private cloud with its own hardware, software and staff.

However, there is only limited control of a public cloud for tenant organisations, which may be the first spur to investigate the possibilities of a private cloud.

Reasons for moving to a private cloud

A private cloud enables the organisation to be the sole tenant, in addition to enjoying complete control over a data centre of its own. No longer is it restricted to life alongside other tenants in a multitenant architecture.

Although this sole tenant resumes greater responsibility in such an arrangement, it can also exert greater control over security and performance. When the organisation itself manages the private cloud rather than leaving this responsibility to a third party, it can also look forward to better testing environment control, as well as better control of threshold levels.

When might you decide to switch to a private cloud?

There are various circumstances in which you might decide to invest in Cisco equipment, and perhaps associated services in Cisco consulting, in readiness for a move from a public to a private cloud.

An acquisition, merger or change in the market may have contributed to the rapid growth of your small or medium-sized organisation into a large one, with a private cloud being needed to give it control over its recently expanded network and infrastructure.

Alternatively, its present public cloud service provider may be going out of business, forcing the cancellation of a longstanding subscription. In this instance, the decision to move to a private cloud may be made to ensure that the organisation’s internal users continue to benefit from a cloud service.

Or perhaps there is new technology that your firm would be interested in testing, installing and deploying, that the public cloud service lacks? By building a private cloud, an organisation will no longer be subject to the public cloud provider’s virtual server limits.

So many more potential reasons exist for building a private cloud rather than continuing with a public one. The organisation may wish to gain useful information via data analytics, or it may be desirable to test data centre failover and scalability algorithms that it believes to be more effective than those used by its public cloud provider.

Or perhaps the company is interested in testing threshold levels, having been barred from doing so by its public cloud specialist? Larger financial institutions can also find that a private cloud better enables them to meet certain infrastructure-configuration and compliance requirements.

Seek assistance in building your private cloud

Many businesses that have opted to make this switch first proceed by gathering together their own managers, developers, system engineers and business analysts. However, there is one particular company that is an excellent port of call for those firms wishing to oversee a smooth transition: the Cisco reseller Data Centre Shop.

With its reputation for not only reselling the complete range of genuine Cisco equipment, but also providing industry-leading Cisco consulting and Red Hat consulting, Data Centre Shop offers truly invaluable network design expertise.

As a sister company of Proxar IT Consulting, Data Centre Shop possesses considerable experience and knowhow in ensuring that a client’s new private cloud is perfectly tailored to their business requirements, and proves an unqualified success.  For more information, please contact us