Information Security Services

Our Information Security Services have been designed with the following objectives: Information Security Services and Systems need to be protected against unauthorised access or modification, whether in storage, processing or transit Security products and services includes best of breed network security solutions created to address all risks associated to securing your corporate network Security firewall […]

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Private Cloud

Some of the benefits of using a Private Cloud Solutions are: Greater level of control over security and performance Applications, data and other resources are kept segregated from, and inaccessible to, other cloud tenants Ability to test, install and deploy new technologies not available through public cloud service. The merits of public cloud computing are […]

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IT Office Relocation Move

Organising an IT office Relocation move can be difficult regardless of the size of the business, IT solutions in place or the experience in the team. Small companies prefer to use cloud-only based solutions like Microsoft’s Office 365 package for emails, storage and other common aspects of running a business. An end user device per […]

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