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Red Hat Enterprise Linux is renowned for its reliability, openness and comprehensiveness, and offers all of the flexibility, control and efficiency that have long made it a highly popular enterprise-class open source operating system. Whatever the exact purpose for which you are using Red Hat Linux 6, then, it’s evident that you’ll want to be able to extract the maximum value out of your existing infrastructure, in addition to the design and implementation of new systems. That’s why we employ highly experienced and knowledgeable Red Hat Certified (RHEL6) engineers that can enhance your existing infrastructure’s performance and help you to deploy a new Red Hat system, irrespective of whether it is a multi-server web platform or back-office system.

Performance, deployment and upgrade services

Proxar is the perfect firm to which to turn if you require the complete Red Hat system audit and performance improvement service. We can cater for a wide range of needs, from addressing issues with the stability, capacity or performance of your infrastructure to having your platforms reviewed so that you can be assured that they are an appropriate match to your current and future needs.

Our Red Hat 6 consultants begin by investigating the issue and performing a review of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux infrastructure as it is presently constituted, so that they can identify the root cause of any underlying issues in addition to identifying issues with the design and capacity of your infrastructure so that short-medium term performance, stability or capacity issues can also be addressed. Finally, our experts will recommend appropriate actions so that you can also avoid these issues well into the future. 

We are also a key firm to get in touch with if you would like to have your Red Hat 6 architecture architected, designed, deployed and upgraded. It is as part of this service that we provide Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL6) certified engineers for your company to leverage off, so that you can be assured of not only the Red Hat installation taking place successfully but also ongoing support, maintenance and training being provided.

Red Hat 6 consultancy services

Our full range of services in Red Hat Linux 6 consultancy includes:

  • Red Hat Linux Infrastructure Audit & Performance Improvement
  • Red Hat Linux Infrastructure Deployment & Upgrades
  • Red Hat Linux Infrastructure Management
  • Red Hat Security Consulting

Red Hat Linux 6 support and management

It is likely that you will also appreciate services in Red Hat 6 infrastructure management, which here at Proxar, encompass consultancy services in the implementation and – where required – management of the systems management software of Red Hat, which is known as RHN Satellite. We can also provide these services for such configuration management software as Chef and Puppet.

Finally, another vital aspect of your Red Hat Linux deployment to which you’ll need to pay attention is its security, particularly where it is web-based service that it supports. In addition to services in consultancy and implementation, we can undertake a complete Red Hat security audit.

There is a wide range of Red Hat security hardening methods in which we have experience, including in the configuration, consulting and implementation of the likes of SELinux and ModSecurity. The latter is especially highly recommended by us, as it offers a high level of security over firewalls, boasting such features as full HTTP transaction logging that provides you with a complete log of all requests and responses that your web server receives. The former can also prove invaluable, however, in its role of supporting access control.

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