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When you require Cisco network consultancy services, there are several very good reasons why you should choose Proxar. Foremost amongst these reasons is the high level of expertise that we provide within our range of Cisco network services, which means that you can take advantage of the likes of IT infrastructure solutions, consultancy and support for device installation, configuration and troubleshooting.

Cisco network design and deployment

As a professional IT consulting company we posses broad amount of experience, and we are able to design secure high-performance and scalable networks – including WAN (Wide Area Networks) and LAN (Local Area Networks) that are compliant with industry standards and policies for networking.  Our Cisco network consultancy services comprise of a unique combination of data centre network design and Linux/UNIX systems consulting, which assures you of a consistent design across your entire infrastructure. Successfully implementing your data centre network design is just as important as the actual design phase, which is why our Cisco consulting professionals work hard to ensure that this does not unexpectedly and adversely affect your infrastructure or business.

Cisco network consulting services

When clients contact our engineers about data centre Cisco network consultancy services, it is our services in the installation and configuration of Cisco firewalls that are most commonly requested. Nonetheless, our Cisco network consultancy staff can also install and configure a broad range of devices. You might also contact us about in-depth troubleshooting concerning your Cisco ASA appliances, for which we can analyse problems in detail and provide bespoke solutions and advice. 

Our Cisco network consultancy services focus on following devices:
•    Cisco Routers
•    Cisco Firewalls
•    Cisco Load Balancers
•    Cisco Switches

Clients often enquire about our Cisco network services with an interest in us designing specific aspects of data centre networks, such as LANs being configured into LAN VPNs.

Cisco support and management services

Investing in the latest security measures is a necessary evil as far as the ongoing support and management of your data centre network is concerned, which will require regular software upgrades. Our Cisco ASA experts provide precisely that here at Proxar, with part of our offering including the upgrade of the Internetwork Operating System (IOS) of Cisco networking devices. However, the fact that not all IOS upgrades work with all types of configurations makes it necessary for your current data centre network to be analysed so that there is minimal downtime. By contacting our Cisco security professionals, you can not only benefit from a detailed analysis of your current configuration, but can also be assisted in choosing the upgrade that best matches your requirements.

We have long provided vital Cisco network consultancy services, including in London, Kent and throughout the South East of England. Our Cisco consulting professionals work hard to ensure that technology is utilised by your data centre network in the optimal manner, in addition to catering for your company’s particular requirements.

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