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Although it is our aim, here at Cisco BGP implementation specialists Proxar, to provide you with a network that is as simple as possible, it is inevitable that for particular requirements, you will require the introduction of certain advanced features, as are supported by many Cisco switches, firewalls and routers. From boundary management with BGP […]

As Cisco accredited suppliers, we can vouch for the exceptional performance levels that the firm’s routers, switches and firewalls provide. Nonetheless, some businesses require a network that operates and is maintained on a genuine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis… and if this is the case for your own company, then you […]

It used to be the case that organisations could survive without the quickest, most secure and most functional network – not something that is the case any longer. It’s why so many medium to large organisations turn to the networking equipment of Cisco. From switches and routers to firewalls and servers, the elements of the […]

How quickly CISCO has been transformed from unknown then a luxury to essential. Few businesses can now survive without a secure, functional and fast network. Cisco network equipment lies at the core of the UK’s enterprise and carrier networks and also reaches small business installations. Cisco network consulting is placed at the heart of our […]

Junos® is a reliable, high-performance network operating system for routing, switching, and security. It reduces the time necessary to deploy new services and decreases network operation costs by up to 41%. Junos offers secure programming interfaces and the Junos SDK for developing applications that can unlock more value from the network. Junos is one system, […]

When you require Cisco network consultancy services, there are several very good reasons why you should choose Proxar. Foremost amongst these reasons is the high level of expertise that we provide within our range of Cisco network services, which means that you can take advantage of the likes of IT infrastructure solutions, consultancy and support […]

As a provider of services in UNIX/Linux consulting encompassing deployment, security and Linux or UNIX design, we specialise in helping our clients to extract the most value from their existing infrastructure, in addition to designing and implementing new systems. We offer a high level of knowledge and experience in both multi-server web platforms and back-office […]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is renowned for its reliability, openness and comprehensiveness, and offers all of the flexibility, control and efficiency that have long made it a highly popular enterprise-class open source operating system. Whatever the exact purpose for which you are using Red Hat Linux 6, then, it’s evident that you’ll want to be […]

Professional IT Consulting Services Proxar Ltd offers professional IT consulting services focused on helping businesses to make the best possible use of information technology. These solutions boost the overall performance and profitability of our customers. As a dynamic company, the length of the contract is not an issue. Contracts can be as short as a […]