Fixed Fee IT Consultants

The information technology industry is fast paced and ever changing, our fixed-fee IT consulting solutions are focused on delivering latest the technological advancements to keep your business ahead of the competition.

We can provide a complete range of IT Network Consultancy solutions and Emergency IT Consulting for every aspect of your business, with competencies spread across a broad area of IT services. We are able to provide support in: Cisco Networking, Red Hat/CentOS Operating Systems, NAS/DAS/SAN Storage, and Network Security, to help improve performance, reliability and scalability of your data centre network. We work on both short and long term contract. Our offered services are mostly based in London, Kent and UK, but are also available to clients in the US and Europe.

IT Network Consulting

IT Network Consulting is a very important service; performance of your network directly impacts business productivity. With that in mind we make sure you get the best information technology needed, the latest software and that it is used to its maximum. Besides that Proxar will make sure that the network is not being put at risk, by using Network Security Solutions. When our work is done, you want have to worry any more about network failure or poor performance.

Proxar’s IT Network Consulting services include: the design, implementation, management and support of network infrastructure.

24/7 Emergency IT Consulting

If you experience any kind of a technical problem like not working mail server, crash of network, malware infection or anything else that cannot be fixed, Proxar can take care of it. We are able to provide emergency support for servers and networks.

Emergency IT Consulting gives a range of services and solutions for any type of hardware, software or network problems. This gives you short notice and 24/7 help from our side when something goes wrong.

IT Consulting London and UK

With Proxar IT Consulting, even a small organisation can have access to Network Management, Network Design or Network Security Solutions without the expense of maintaining a large in-house IT department. You can then focus on core business whilst we manage your IT infrastructure. Based in London and Kent, South East England, we offer our IT consultancy services throughout the UK.

IT Consulting US and Europe

Although most of our IT Consulting services are based in London, Kent and UK we have experience of providing IT Consulting in US and Europe. If you are looking for help related with IT and reside in US or Europe Proxar is able to help.

IT Consulting Firms

Most IT Consulting companies operate on daily fees based upon time spent by the expert. There are many common issues when it comes to paying an hourly/daily rates. The outgoings of the service could spiral out of control due to unforeseen, hidden and extra fees. There is also the issue of the accomplishment date as some IT consultancy companies will not be able to meet a deadline they promised to reach, which could interfere with the running of any business.

At Proxar IT Consulting, we provide you with a predefined fee for your solution and we have a 100% record when it comes to meeting deadlines. We guarantee that there are no hidden charges, provide you with the certainty that your IT expenses are being managed, and deliver a tailored, reliable service to agreed KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

IT Project Management aspects of our Consulting Services

To help you to assess for yourself the budget and time efficiencies, we will:

  • Review your current Network Infrastructure;
  • Discuss where you want to be strategically;
  • Design, plan and document potential improvements or modifications to the current data centre (if necessary);
  • Recommend technologies, products and suppliers who will allow your data centre to be stable and perform well – we are a vendor and solutions independent Fixed Fee IT Consulting Service Provider, but based on our experience we recommend Cisco network equipment and Red Hat Linux (or CentOS Linux) Operating Systems;
  • Map out a timetable (which may be determined by your contract renewal dates) for effecting those improvements and savings;
  • Negotiate on your behalf with the appropriate suppliers.

Fixed Fee IT Consulting London, IT Network Consulting, Emergency IT Consulting London, Kent, UK, US and Europe – Proxar IT Consulting.