Load Balancing and High Availability Services

There are certain companies for which a single router, switch and firewall are insufficient in order for them to be assured of a certain base level of network reliability, as their load levels simply exceed what such a modest amount of equipment can sensibly handle. If this sounds like the situation that your own company is in, then you are likely to be interested in the network load balancing and network high availability techniques that are used by our consultants here at Proxar.

Such techniques allow companies to scale up their networks to meet the required traffic levels, while offering no less than the very highest levels of availability. Our network high availability and load balancing experts work hard to minimise the amount of disruption to your business, as demonstrated by our development of configurations that keep networks up and running while software is upgraded or critical parts are swapped out. You can be assured that the network load balancing consultants here at Proxar will develop, implement and maintain your network to be both highly scalable and constantly available.

Network High Availability

Our network high availability specialists can take an approach to systems design, implementation and management that focuses on the delivery of a service to an agreed high level. Certainly, there are many companies that require a highly available network, and we work alongside firms to not only establish the need for this network high availability, but also design and manage the network’s implementation. It is possible to establish network high availability by deploying switches, routers and firewalls in redundant pairs, configured in a way that prevents any disruption in service in the event that any single piece of equipment fails. It is possible to manage network high availability by turning to Proxar for the highest standard of guidance and implementation support.

One issue that you certainly won’t want is one in which your company suffers a network switch failure that takes down the devices to which it is connected. That’s why, here at Proxar, our consultants can even advise on the best ways of configuring operating systems and even certain applications, so that you can avoid any such issues and make the most of genuine network high availability. Our network high availability engineers are also knowledgable when it comes to methods of minimising or eliminating downtime for software upgrades, the correct configuration of devices and other routine maintenance. Even in the event of failures of local, national or internet infrastructure, we are able to work alongside carriers and telecoms companies to provide your firm with highly available network connections. Proxar consultants design networks that offer true network high availability, in the process drawing on many years of experience, not to mention the expertise garnered from suitable qualifications and training.

Load Balancing

As synonymous as network load balancing is with network high availability, there are actually two different objectives with each one. As part of our network load balancing consultants’ work with client companies, both current and projected load is measured so that a network can be delivered that is capable of scaling beyond any single server, network port or ISP connection’s limits. There are various techniques that can be used for network load balancing in which Proxar’s Cisco consultants have a high level of experience, including DNS round robin, protocol-level network load balancing with dynamic routing protocols and weighted/health checked service level network load balancing with the use of software or hardware appliances.

You may wish to consider, for example, the virtues of Cisco’s Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP), which is renowned for its ability to ensure almost 100% network high availability, and that allows for the immediate and transparent recovery of user traffic from first hop failures in network access circuits or edge devices with its provision of network redundancy for IP networks. As a matter of fact, our engineers take into account such factors as the criticality of traffic, required response and availability levels, as well as the anticipated level of load, in their development of solutions that perfectly match the business requirements of clients. Proxar’s network load balancing services are informed by plenty of front line experience with challenging high-transactional ecommerce networks, in addition to suitable configuration training and certification.

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