Cisco Upgrades and Troubleshooting

There comes a time with almost any company network when you will need to upgrade it, or for that matter troubleshoot certain teething troubles… and when that does occur, you’ll want to be able to contact a company that has consultants that can step in when required. Proxar can be trusted to provide precisely these kinds of services in network troubleshooting and network upgrades, even in circumstances where the components are not manufactured by Cisco.

Proxar’s engineers have a high level of experience in both careful capacity planning and the methodical resolution of problems, and it is as a result that we can provide you with consultancy that truly achieves the required performance levels from your network. With their extensive network troubleshooting and network upgrades experience and expertise, our IT consultants are highly capable at identifying and fixing problems with minimum time and fuss. Indeed, our consulting engineers are available at short notice.

Cisco network troubleshooting

Severe network problems can prevent your business from trading. If you fail to remediate undiagnosed and untreated problems, then they can easily escalate to a critical level, and as an interconnected company in an interconnected world, you are unlikely to thrive if you lack a stable network. By simply calling our network troubleshooting professionals the moment problems start to occur, you can be assured that they will work towards a resolution of the problem, methodically applying industry best practice while always remaining professional and calm.

Our network troubleshooting consultants can work in heterogeneous network environments, gathering information about the problems, analysing work flows, monitoring and logging outputs, recording data provided and recommending short term remedial actions or work-arounds, in addition to devising plans for full, long term fixes. Our network troubleshooting engineers are available at short, 24/7 notice in emergency situations, and have a high level of skill in root cause analysis and detailed investigations.

Cisco network upgrades

Network upgrades are inevitably periodically required, even for a Cisco system that comprises such next-generation technology, and here at Proxar, our consultants are excellently placed to advise on, design and implement them. We employ Cisco trained and certified engineers that are able to design new or upgraded networks for a wide range of needs, such as for growth plans, an intended relocation or a sudden surge in network demand. Our IT consultants work hard to suggest the network upgrades that are best suited to the needs of clients, and are assisted in this by a process that includes examining current and future demands on capacity and understanding business requirements, as well as looking at the type and volume of data flows.

Proxar’s IT consultants follow up their design suggestions with the validation of decisions on network upgrades with clients, suppliers and colleagues, before moving on to implementation planning. As long as a network has upgradability designed in, then network upgrades can be accomplished with no disruption to business, on the basis that sufficient planning and testing is undertaken. Even if it is not possible to perform network upgrades without some downtime, we aim to implement network upgrades with as little disruption as possible to your core business. We can provide a high level of engineering support, not to mention source required hardware for the execution of network upgrades, for businesses throughout the UK, the rest of the EU and beyond, all at a time and place that suits the requirements of your business.

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