Cisco Consultants in Sussex

Your Sussex business is likely to require a network that is secure, fast and functional – and to ensure that this is so, it is likely that you will have invested in Cisco networking products, which include switches, routers, servers and more. Even small organisations can now find themselves calling on such products – but whatever the size of your own firm, the right Cisco consulting in Sussex can greatly help you to get the most out of its network. 

Businesses like your own repeatedly turn to Proxar IT Consulting on account of our Cisco accredited supplier status, while further reputability is lent to our services by our Cisco certified and trained engineers. In short, whatever your exact requirements for your network – maintenance, repair work, an upgrade or even an extension – you can trust us to provide that service cost-effectively, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. 

Is your firewall or router configuration as good as it could be?

You probably won’t need our professionals in Cisco consulting in Sussex to emphasise just how important your routers and firewalls are to your overall network’s optimal functionality and performance. After all, modern network communications depend immeasurably on routers, while your firewall continually repels the latest network-based threats to your business information. 

But have you realised how complicated router installation and configuration can be? It is certainly a task that can be done so much better when you contact our experts in Cisco consulting in Sussex, and much the same could be said for firewall installation and configuration. Get in touch with us if you’d like a quick firewall installation and configuration process that also matches well with your ever-changing business requirements. 

From troubleshooting to upgrades

Our Cisco consulting in Sussex is understandably in great demand with companies that have encountered a severe problem with their network that greatly compromises their ability to trade. If this is the case for your own organisation, when you contact our engineers, you’ll find them calm and collected. Even if there are components in your network infrastructure for which Cisco is not the manufacturer, our experts can provide a high standard of troubleshooting and technical assistance, methodically examining, identifying and resolving the exact problem – however urgently their expertise is required. 

But as they perform such services, you may also want to ask them about the upgrades that they can carry out to your network. Inevitably, these are needed from time to time, often because of ambitious plans to grow the business, a relocation or a sudden increase in network demand. Not only are our IT consultants able to provide informed advice on the upgrades best suited to your own company’s circumstances, after an examination of current and future capacity demands, but they are also able to carry out the upgrade in an effective, swift and unobtrusive manner. 

Load balancing, high availability… and advanced Cisco consulting in Sussex

Have your company’s network load levels escalated to the point that you require additional routers, switches and/or firewalls? In that case, you’ll certainly appreciate the assistance of our engineers in scaling up your network, so that it can meet those traffic levels while preserving the highest availability. Our load balancing and high availability professionals can oversee the design, management and implementation of this process, with configurations used to minimise any disruption to your day-to-day business. 

For all of the renowned simplicity of our Cisco solutions, however, there may be circumstances in which the incorporation of certain advanced features is highly desirable. As Cisco BGP implementation specialists, Proxar IT Consulting’s engineers can ensure that such features are introduced to your present network, in line with your ongoing practical and budgetary needs. 

Contact Proxar IT Consulting now, about Cisco consulting in Sussex that covers all of the bases – and many more areas of in-depth expertise.