Cisco Consultants in Surrey

For a wide range of medium to large Surrey businesses, there is no denying the importance of the right Cisco infrastructure. It may have once been unknown to use such network products as switches, routers and firewalls, but now, they’re widespread, being very much essential to even the least ambitious firms’ operations.  

Such products, however, create a need for associated support and consulting among the organisations that make use of them. As Cisco accredited suppliers employing engineers who are also Cisco Certified, Proxar IT Consulting is the perfect go-to company for Cisco consulting in Surrey.

We know that you need to keep your Cisco network fully functional and reliable, and our capable and enthusiastic engineers, designers and experts are skilled in the provision of the complete range of services relating to Cisco consulting in Surrey, encompassing network maintenance, repair, extension and/or upgrades of the highest quality.

Upgrades and troubleshooting for your Cisco network

Is your network experiencing teething problems, or do you just feel that its performance merits an upgrade? If so, you’re likely to be very pleased by our cost-effective and efficient upgrade and troubleshooting services. Our IT consultants have an impeccable track record of rapidly identifying and fixing problems, making the most of their considerable experience in careful capacity planning and methodical, diligent diagnosis work.

Our network troubleshooting experts know how to gather the right information to rapidly put an end to a problem with your infrastructure, while we can also design, advise on and implement the network upgrades that are best suited to your own business requirements.

Configuration and installation of routers and firewalls

Routers and firewalls are central to our Cisco consulting in Surrey, such is their importance to your business. Routers have an instrumental role in current-day network communications, while firewalls provide that first line of defence against the many pernicious network-based threats. But you can’t extract the maximum value from either of these areas without calling upon the right industry expertise.

Configuring and installing a router, for example, is far from a “plug and play” process, not least as there are so many different routers in the Cisco range – from branch and small business routers to mobile Internet routers and many more. Meanwhile, your firewall configuration can become increasingly ill-matched to your business requirements over time. Across all of these areas, we have the knowhow to provide the most exacting Cisco consulting in Surrey.

Load balancing, high availability and advanced Cisco consulting in Surrey

Sooner or later, many companies find that they cannot be assured of a basic level of network reliability by just one switch, router and firewall. The need emerges for such firms to invest in a greater amount of equipment – in which case, they may be interested in the sophisticated load balancing and high availability techniques practiced as part of Proxar IT Consulting’s Cisco consulting in Surrey.

Such methods enable the scaling up of a company network so that it meets the heightened load levels, but without compromising availability. This service can even involve the development of configurations that keep the wider network operational while our engineers swap out critical parts or perform necessary upgrades.

But Cisco switches, routers and firewalls also frequently offer support for more advanced features, like layered networks with VRFs and boundary management with BGP – for which our engineers can provide the required development and implementation services. Or maybe you require Cisco consulting in Surrey for a very large network design, designed around the great challenges that such networks can present?

Get in touch with Proxar IT Consulting today for more information about Cisco consulting in Surrey that is not only built around the needs of your firm, but also available on a 24 hours  a day, 7 days  a week basis from the most renowned Cisco Certified engineers.