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Although it is our aim, here at Cisco BGP implementation specialists Proxar, to provide you with a network that is as simple as possible, it is inevitable that for particular requirements, you will require the introduction of certain advanced features, as are supported by many Cisco switches, firewalls and routers. From boundary management with BGP to layered networks with VRFs and very large network designs, there are so many features that advanced Cisco consulting services can integrate as part of our services in the development and implementation of Cisco networks. Our consultants are able to leverage all of the required features that are supported by Cisco in their creation of an advanced Cisco consulting that perfectly caters for your needs.

Cisco BGP implementation

As the de facto standard for inter-ISP connectivity, the Border Gateway Protocol (or BGP) also provides, for many enterprises, the most robust means of aggravating multiple ISP connections in the data centre. In response to ISP disconnections and without the need for any intervention from a human being, BGP is able to promptly move traffic away from failing routes, and can even be configured to take advantage of routes that provide greater levels of performance or that are more affordable, as and when they become available... again, entirely "hands off". By working alongside ISPs, Proxar’s Cisco BGP implementation consultants can ensure the integration of BGP with networks, in the process assuring both the business clients themselves and their customers of greater resilience and performance.

Very large network consultancy

It is as part of our services in advanced Cisco consulting that we can also deliver services in design and implementation for very large networks. Larger scale networks can present great challenges, given the multiple interconnected locations and potential for many thousands of nodes in certain datacentre environments. Nonetheless, our professionals in large network consultancy are assisted by the fact that Cisco networks make use of a hierarchical model that makes for a much easier design, implementation and maintenance process. Indeed, three layers are involved in a Cisco network design: the core layer or backbone, the distribution layer and access layer. The core layer serves the sole purpose in advanced Cisco configuration of switching traffic as rapidly as possible, while the distribution layer is very much the major point of communication between the core and access layers, providing routing, filtering and WAN access. Finally, the access layer of an advanced Cisco consulting controls the access of users and workgroups to internetwork resources.

Our experts in large network consultancy can discreetly implement core, distribution and access layers as part of our typical large scale Cisco designs, although there are alternative approaches that we can take that better suit certain companies. Our engineers that specialize in Cisco large network consultancy are assisted in the development of the best solutions for clients by their wealth of datacentre design and implementation experience, not to mention their perfect level of certification and training. The result is the perfect end advanced Cisco consulting, irrespective of the current size of your network or the intended future scale of your business.

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