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Consulting Services

At Proxar IT Consulting, we specialise in all manner of IT Network Consulting services to ensure that you never need to worry again about the performance and reliability of your firm’s IT network, which is a factor that has such a direct influence on your productivity. By investing in our high quality Network Design services, […]

Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we provide IT Consultancy and Network Design services for companies not only in the UK, but also in various countries across Europe and the United States. We offer ad-hoc IT Consulting and an IT presence in the UK for companies that are actually based outside the UK, as well as […]

Proxar IT Technology Consulting is a well-established IT Consultancy company offering data centre design and data centre solutions. We have broad experience and a long list of on-going projects with a significant reputation in the world of systems and network consulting. IT consultancy companies can be divided into 3 different types:•    Professional IT consultancy companies•   […]

  Do you need assistance with your company’s IT systems at very short notice? Perhaps your firm’s network has crashed or you are working in the evening and have just encountered a malware infection? One of the services that we offer here at Proxar Ltd is Emergency IT Consulting, whereby we provide a range of […]

The information technology industry is fast paced and ever changing, our fixed-fee IT consulting solutions are focused on delivering latest the technological advancements to keep your business ahead of the competition. We can provide a complete range of IT Network Consultancy solutions and Emergency IT Consulting for every aspect of your business, with competencies spread […]

Routers are to networks as satnavs or maps are to roads, in the sense that without them, traffic cannot move from place to place. Although there is hardly any form of communication on networks that is possible without a router installation, it’s also not the case that routers are exactly “plug and play”… which means […]

For businesses of various sizes across the South East of England, the products and services of the networking giant Cisco play an imperative role in ensuring the smoothness of their operations. A network that is fast, functional and secure is a bare minimum these days for all manner of firms, but this dependence on Cisco […]

There are certain companies for which a single router, switch and firewall are insufficient in order for them to be assured of a certain base level of network reliability, as their load levels simply exceed what such a modest amount of equipment can sensibly handle. If this sounds like the situation that your own company […]

Nobody wants to have to invest in firewall configuration, any more than they want to have to use locks on their homes… but the reality is that network-based threats to damage or steal from your business have been around for as long as the Internet itself, and are here to stay. That means that you’ll […]