Do You Consider Backing up Data Important?

A recently published news story has revealed that a combination of human error, defective code and a lack of backing up data, has led to damaging issues with Police databases. It is believed that 150,000 fingerprint, DNA and arrest history records were inadvertently wiped.

The problem occurred during routine maintenance of the Police National Computer. Human error resulted in defective code being introduced as part of the maintenance, however that code caused the deletion of the records. It is believed that such data loss could result in the compromise of ongoing criminal investigations. Backing up data is crucial.

The policing minister confirmed they were working with he relevant parties to attempt to recover the data and assess the full extent of the issue.

Does Your Business Hold Sensitive Data?

If you and your business hold sensitive or critical data it is vital that you consider a suitable backup solution. For some this may be an on site storage solution, however a cloud-based option could be wiser.

Off site cloud-based storage removes the risk of losing your backup along with the originals if there is a disaster at your site.

How Can Proxar Help with Backing up Data?

Proxar can offer cloud-based storage within one of our UK based data centres to offer you the added peace of mind that in the event of data loss you can rest assured that you have been backing up your data and that it is safe an can easily be retrieved when needed.

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help you to ensure your data is safely and securely backed up.