Cloud IT Solutions

Utilising the power of the cloud

Cloud computing involves computing resources – whether hardware or software – being provided as a service over a network, usually the Internet, which has made the very terms ‘Internet’ and ‘cloud’ synonymous in the minds of many.

Public cloud computing comes in various different forms, such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS), to give just some examples.

Software as a service, for instance, entails users also renting application software and databases with cloud providers responsible for the management of the infrastructure and platforms that the applications run on as part of their cloud IT solutions service provision.

Cloud IT Solutions

Easy access to powerful resources in the cloud

Similar to the national electricity grid, cloud computing primarily centres on the sharing of resources over the network to achieve coherence and economies of scale. It is very much founded on ideas of shared services and converged infrastructure.

Cloud-based applications can be accessed by end users through even a relatively low spec desktop PC, a mobile app or even a web browser with remotely located servers storing the user’s data. Cloud computing offers many advantages to the modern business, for example in allowing applications to be up and running more quickly, reducing maintenance and improving manageability.

Convenience plus cost and resource savings

Software that was previously available only on disc or download can now be accessed purely via the cloud, so meaning the latest version including up to date security patches is always available. Also, powerful packages that may have previously been out of the reach of smaller business users or even individuals through cost or limitations of local storage facilities are potentially available to all.

Plus, with business demand potentially fluctuating to a greatly unpredictable degree, cloud IT solutions are also highly scalable, allowing firms to quickly adjust their resources accordingly.

Cloud solutions have become increasingly relevant to 21st century enterprises, making it possible for new capabilities to be added on the fly – or even increase capacities – without the need to invest in new infrastructure, license new software or train new personnel.

Cloud solutions defined

Although there are debates over what exactly constitutes ‘cloud computing’ or ‘cloud IT solutions,’ as a term ‘the cloud’ can be used to refer to any pay-per-use or subscription-based service that extends the existing capabilities of your firm’s IT department, in real time over the Internet. There is a wide range of different cloud services available depending on a company’s exact needs, from extensive applications to spam filtering and storage services, with both utility-style infrastructure providers and SaaS specialists prominent in the service offerings from cloud solutions professionals.

Cloud computing removes the need for local computers to do all of the hard work in the running of applications. Instead, the network of computers that makes up the cloud takes the burden, with the user’s computer simply needing to run the interface software of the cloud computing system – which could be as simple as a web browser.

Nearly everyone uses cloud solutions

Even firms and individuals that regard themselves as complete newcomers to cloud computing are likely to have used it in some form before: Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail email accounts are good examples of web-based services that so many people take for granted.

After all, these services don’t involve an email program being run on your actual computer, complete with associated storage. Instead, it’s on the service’s computer cloud – hence an individual’s Gmail account can be accessed anywhere so long as they have their password to log in.
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