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Any business that accepts payment cards cannot ignore the obligation to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard, which helps to ensure the confidentiality of customers' data. Certainly, it's one extra factor to consider when you are looking for ecommerce hosting for your own business, and one more reason why Proxar IT Consulting is the right firm to turn to for that secure hosting. That's because Proxar IT Consulting has joined forces with Jigowatt to offer Jigoshop Pro, the complete ecommerce hosting package that combines security, scalability and performance as part of the most cost-effective solution for online businesses. Jigoshop Pro isn't just about the secure hosting itself, however, as you also gain access to quick, professional and comprehensive phone and email support, from both Jigowatt and ourselves. Central to the Jigoshop Pro package is not just our own PCI DSS compliant secure hosting infrastructure that takes away any fret about non-compliance fines, but also the Jigoshop WordPress ecommerce plugin. Developed by highly experienced professionals in the ecommerce field, this plugin makes the most of the core functionality of WordPress, consisting of elegant and lightweight code. But further functionality can be added by a series of premium themes and extensions, while built-in widgets and shortcodes enable the construction of the perfect online store for your own business. Get in touch with us now about our acclaimed secure hosting package, encompassing external monitoring, offsite backups, regular load and security testing and so much more. Not only does Jigoshop Pro provide you with the best platform and hosting, but you'll also have any technical issues with your site swiftly addressed, as is required by any ambitious online business.