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On 08th December, the leader in open source storage solutions announced the release of a new product, Red Hat Storage Software Appliance: “the first integrated product that provides scale-out storage for unstructured data”.  

This product is the combination of two technologies:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1
  • GlusterFS 3.2.

In fact, Red Hat owns Gluster, a scale out storage and open source storage company, since October 2011. This acquisition gives Red Hat the opportunity to expand its business towards another activity that is storage for unstructured data.

Red Hat Storage Software Appliance aims to make easier storage management for companies without losing performance and quality.

Ranga Rangachari, general manager, Storage at Red Hat, declared “We expect this announcement to be one of many that will enable organizations to reduce their storage costs while addressing the massive growth in unstructured data”.

As companies create more and more data every day, they tend be overwhelmed by the amount of these data and don’t know how to deal with it. This release is sure a progress in terms of unstructured data storage and it will help a lot of companies in needs.


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