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Commidea Ltd is a well-established UK based electronic payment solutions company, acquired by Point group in 2009.  With over 250,000 clients across Europe, Point group systems process over 10 million transactions every day.

Network Security IT Consulting Services

Proxar IT Consulting was engaged to support the build and implemention of a new Linux based card processing infrastructure. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 was chosen due to the enhanced security functionality compared to versions 4 and 5.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Security and Monitoring

After initial consultation, a Proxar representative helped deliver improvements to security hardening and also provided in-house training on common Linux security issues and Linux best practices to Commidea’s technical employees.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 enables a number of potential improvements to infrastructure security including software firewall, SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux), full auditing capabilities and centralised logging. Commidea utilised Proxar IT Consulting’s knowledge and experience in network management and network monitoring to create a new monitoring platform based on the industry standard tools, Nagios and Cacti.

The Red Hat Enterprise services provided by Proxar IT Consulting supported Commidea in meeting both compliance and deployment deadlines.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Security and Monitoring services - London, UK - Proxar IT Consulting.