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Just think, for a moment, about all of the data that your business produces - and how fundamental all of it is to your success. It hardly needs to be said any more that there has been an explosion in the volume of business data, with data being created, accumulated and diffused so much faster, taking the form of sales records, proposals, marketing materials, accounting records and more.

But what happens when you lose such records, and you don't have online backups enabling you to quickly retrieve them again? 

The truth is that your firm cannot afford to lose such data, as it makes up such invaluable business assets. According to studies, a mere 1MB of data is worth around £5,000, and you could spend as much as £8,000, and almost three weeks of your time, rebuilding just 20MB of data that you have lost.

With both time and money being in such short supply these days, that situation is not good enough. It is what led us to invest so heavily in bringing our clients the highest standard of online backups, here at Pro IT Support. 

We offer online backups with a difference

We know that these days, there's so much more scope to lose much-needed business data, whether through a natural disaster, malicious virus attack, human error or hardware malfunction, to name just some potential causes. 

Accordingly, your backup solution must be industry-leading, enabling you to rapidly retrieve this data so that the highest level of business productivity is maintained. 

From MS SQL online backups and cloud backups to Exchange online backups and backup solutions that comply with PCI DSS, we have all of the expertise in this field that you could possibly require here at Pro IT Support, a trading name of Proxar Ltd.