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Over the last few years Proxar IT Consulting assisted number of companies in getting PCI DSS certified. We understand that it might be a time consuming and costly exercise and therefore we have prepared a set of procedures and guidelines related to network design, system configuration and general network security which we follow in our data centre infrastructure.


Instead of trying to build your own infrastructure, why not to use Proxar IT Consulting to build the network for you, harden Operating Systems? We specialise in PCI DSS IT Consulting and PCI DSS Network design with using Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Cisco network devices. By using our PCI DSS solutions you can build your own network and obtain PCI DSS certification status in a matter of weeks.

To read more about PCI DSS network design visit: https://www.proxar.co.uk/it-services/it-network-design/pci-dss-network-design.

For more information about Red Hat Enterprise Linux Consulting and Cisco Network Consulting, please visit:

https://www.proxar.co.uk/consulting-services/professional-it-consulting/red-hat-linux-consultancy/red-hat-enterprise-linux-consulting and https://www.proxar.co.uk/consulting-services/cisco-network-consulting