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When emerging online businesses require an ecommerce site set up quickly and easily, there can be few better platforms for achieving this than Wordpress. However, there is another vital requirement for any business intending to accept card payments to bear in mind: PCI DSS compliance.
Thanks to its partnership with Jigowatt, Proxar IT Consulting can offer hosting of the highest standard, incorporating all of these elements. 

The need for PCI DSS compliance

Why should you look for Wordpress hosting that has also been PCI DSS accredited? The answer is that if you don't, you are at risk of allowing your customers' data to get all too easily into the wrong hands.
Ignoring the 12 basic security requirements that make up PCI DSS increases the risk of data theft and fraud for your business and customers, a poor move given that any subsequent breach will cause significant harm to the trust that customers place in you.
Not only can a lack of PCI DSS compliance lead to a data breach that adversely impacts your ecommerce business from a reputational point of view, but you could also face penalties, perhaps in the form of heightened security auditing or an unlimited amount of fines. Your firm might even be stripped of any ability to process card transactions. 


Wordpress hosting offering the utmost reliability and performance 


For most astute online business owners, the risks inherent in ignoring PCI DSS hosting are therefore just too great. It's why, when you are on the lookout for Wordpress hosting, the Jigoshop Pro package offered by Jigowatt and Proxar IT Consulting could be the perfect solution.
Certainly, Jigoshop itself is a highly rated Wordpress ecommerce plugin, having been developed by seasoned professionals who know what is required for the online shops of global brands. It consists of elegant, lightweight code making the most of the core functionality of Wordpress, while various premium themes and extensions enable further functionality to be added.
Combine all of this with the PCI DSS hosting made possible by Proxar IT Consulting, and it is clear to see why this package has already become sought-after by so many emerging online stores. Such Internet businesses want to be assured that their Wordpress hosting platform will be secure, reliable and scalable, and the Proxar IT Consulting name gives them that assurance. 

The features of our industry-leading PCI DSS hosting 

There are three packages to choose from - Silver, Gold and Platinum (Bespoke). Whichever one is chosen, clients can look forward to such benefits as regular load and security testing, external monitoring, offsite backups, a high performance resilient network, hardware load balancing, caching and page speed enhancement and monthly usage reporting. These benefits also include, of course, the all-important PCI DSS accredited platform. 

All customers of our PCI DSS hosting receive a high level of email and phone support, with support also available from Jigoshop. The fact that this Wordpress hosting is Proxar IT Consulting's indicates its state of the art nature, with your website kept running optimally and any issues identified and resolved with maximum efficiency.
It may be the case that PCI DSS hosting is your greatest priority, or you may especially value the technical support that Jigoshop can provide. When you enquire about our Wordpress hosting, we can soon ascertain your exact needs and provide a solution that has been tailored accordingly.

Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we have a formidable reputation for the design, construction and hosting of websites for which a high level of traffic is anticipated. Now that we have joined forces with Jigowatt and its renowned Jigoshop Pro product, we are even more confident that our PCI DSS hosting solution will be the perfect one for your own online business. Contact us to find out more.