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For so many online business owners, there can only be one choice of HTTP server - Apache httpd, a project of The Apache Software Foundation that has been the most popular web server for many years. But the open-source nature of this server allows for many modules to be developed for it by third parties - with Google having made a major contribution in this respect with its mod_pagespeed offering.

Mod_pagespeed is the module that so many webmasters turn to when they need to ensure the fastest possible loading times for their company website. Without your existing content or workflow needing to be affected, you too can have your organisation's web pages rewritten for the reduction of latency and bandwidth, with the help of a wide range of filters. 

But can you truly extract the maximum benefit from mod_pagespeed on your own... or could you do with comprehensive and informed support from a company with a strong reputation for boosting the performance of its clients' webpages? Here at Proxar IT Consulting, our engineers can help you to tailor mod_pagespeed to your own business requirements. 

The basic need for mod_pagespeed support

In today's ecommerce environment, target customers know that they have many options. If they ever have a negative experience with your website, they are able to immediately switch to Google and look for a competitor. Therefore, your website can't merely be easy on the eye, informative and simple to navigate. It also needs to load instantly, and there are so many ways of doing this through the filters of mod_pagespeed.  

The way mod_pagespeed basically works is that it automatically optimises web pages and the resources on them by using filters - each implementing web performance best practices - to rewrite them. When online business owners configure proper caching and compression on their Apache distribution and also set up mod_pagespeed, they can look forward to real improvements in their web page loading times - in turn, giving customers a more positive experience that leads to better sales. 

There are so many great reasons to use mod_pagespeed, beyond the headline benefits. Only the latest web optimisation techniques are used, thanks to Google's continual updates to the module. In addition, it is free to use and boasts more than 40 configurable optimisation filters. But you may not know which filters are best-suited to your own site, or you may encounter any of a wide range of other technical issues. 

That's when you contact Proxar IT Consulting about the most professional and informed mod_pagespeed support. 

From technical problems to a wide range of filters

As effective as mod_pagespeed is, you can't guarantee that there won't be troubling technical issues that threaten to slow you down and distract you from your core business. Instead of trying to resolve them yourself, give our experts a call. Whether the module doesn't seem to be rewriting any of your pages, you're a WordPress user presented with blank pages or your changes aren't picked up by the module following edits to CSS or JavaScript files, we can rapidly identify the source of the problem and allow you to continue your optimisation processes. 

But you might also be a little disoriented with the extensive range of filters that can be used in mod_pagespeed. In that case, we can guide you to filters that combine multiple CSS files into one, rescale and compress images, sprite images, remove unnecessary prefixes from URLs or load images when they become visible in the client viewport, among a very long list of possibilities. 

Don't trust any company other than Proxar IT Consulting to provide you with the most authoritative, professional and capable mod_pagespeed support services.