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The Apache HTTP Server, or Apache httpd, has been the Internet's most popular web server for many years, and for good reason - it is simply the best out there. This open-source project of The Apache Software Foundation is trusted by huge numbers of online businesses, and you, too, may presently be taking advantage of its functionality.
Certainly, one major reason to choose this popular web server is the presence of such open-source modules to be used in conjunction with it as mod_pagespeed, which is written and frequently updated by Google. As its name suggests, this module is designed to make your website's pages load quicker, via the automatic optimisation of the pages and the resources on them.

How does mod_pagespeed quicken your site's loading times?

It accomplishes this by using a wide range of filters to rewrite the pages and resources. These filters implement web performance best practices, with the likes of HTML, JavaScript, CSS stylesheets, JPEG and PNG images all being optimised. When you not only have mod_pagespeed set up, but also oversee proper configuration and caching on your Apache distribution, you can expect your company website to load significantly quicker, to the benefit of your target customers - and in turn, your bottom line.
Contact Proxar IT Consulting for mod_pagespeed management services that ensure that the module is used on your website in a way that perfectly caters for your site needs and business requirements. 

Get in touch about all-encompassing mod_pagespeed management 

Mod_pagespeed offers so many benefits to the enterprising online business owner. First of all, it is open-source. Secondly, it is updated on a continuous basis by Google, so that only the very latest web optimisation techniques are used. Thirdly, it's free to use. But even these advantages do not mean that you will not encounter any technical problems, or even fail to use certain relevant filters.
Proxar IT Consulting's acclaimed mod_pagespeed management service can cater for both of these potential support needs. It's not impossible that you could come across various error messages, for example, or your site may even be broken by the module. Or maybe none of your pages are being successfully rewritten by mod_pagespeed, or you are using WordPress, and find that your pages are blank? Our consultants are skilled in rapidly identifying the cause of problems with mod_pagespeed, prior to efficiently resolving them. 

Make the most of mod_pagespeed filters 

Then, there's the wide range of filters that can be used with mod_pagespeed to consider. Not only are there certain core filters that ship with the module and enable the safe optimisation of your website content without either the appearance or behaviour of the site being affected, but a series of more advanced filters can also be called upon by online business owners that require more significant performance enhancements.
The most useful filters for mod_pagespeed allow you to add client-side latency instrumentation, rewrite URLs in CSS even in the event of CSS not being parseable, inline small external CSS files, move CSS above scripts, minify JavaScript or sprite images... to give just some examples of what is possible. Or you might wish to remove unnecessary prefixes from URLs, optimise trusted resources from domains not running mod_pagespeed, convert synchronous Google Analytics code to load asynchronously or defer the execution of JavaScript in the HTML.
These are all things that mod_pagespeed's filters allow you to do, but you might not presently fully understand or even be aware of them. Ask our experts here at Proxar IT Consulting about the complete mod_pagespeed management service that delivers the best load times for your website, and as a consequence, better revenues from improved conversions.