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The peace of mind of using truly local Cisco consulting services

When you are looking to enter a relationship with an IT support company, you won't want that company to be detached from your exact requirements - instead, you'll want it to build its services around them. Similarly, many medium to large firms are reassured by their IT support partner being local, with engineers who are constantly available and able to visit the client's premises in person, if required. Certainly, the situation is no different with local Cisco consulting.


Here at Proxar IT Consulting, with our two offices in London and Kent, we have built our Cisco support services around the requirements of local people. We know that our clients feel greater peace of mind dealing with and asking questions of a local firm, rather than one at the other end of the country or even the world.

We know all about the needs of London and Kent companies when it comes to Cisco network infrastructures, and can tailor our Cisco consulting Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Edenbridge, Ashford or London to suit.

From network monitoring to load balancing

There are so many aspects of our Cisco consulting Edenbridge that are suitable for local firms - such as our continual network monitoring, incorporating the measuring and graphing of networks for important metrics. Or maybe you require the most advanced Cisco consulting Tonbridge, consisting of design and implementation for a large network? We also have people calling us about Cisco consulting Ashford, perhaps having picked us out for our expertise in load balancing and high availability techniques for the scaling up of networks.


Our Cisco accredited status as suppliers, together with the Cisco training and certification of our engineers, has further helped to make us a trusted choice for all manner of local Cisco consulting requirements. Contact us now to find out more.