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According to a recent article from Computerweekly.com, large businesses still spend money, sometimes even more than they used to, on their IT infrastructure. Why do companies, in time of massive cost cutting, increase their expenses in IT?

One simple reason: they don’t want to be outdated. Nowadays, being at the top of technology is almost a matter of survival. Technology grows at a quick pace, devices and software get outdated rapidly as new ones are more efficient, faster and simply better. The lifecycle goes from 2 to 5 years, in other words, a very short time.

What they are interested in is having all the right tools to get statistics and analytics, the faster the better “in an attempt to reduce project lead times”. Retailers have to respond to the high demand of consumers particularly with the continuing strong growth in online shopping. Businesses are also integrating social media as a core part of their online presence. They have a high influence on company’s image and on the whole organisation from marketing and brand awareness to sales and customer service.

But companies can’t manage all of this by themselves. The easiest and increasingly popular way is to outsource and let Professional IT companies deliver the right IT Infrastructure solutions and services adapted to business needs and objectives.


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