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There's no question that the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) serves a very worthy and important goal - as well as that online businesses that are affected by it must take every available measure to ensure compliance, for both legal and business reasons. Any business that accepts card payments is required to comply with PCI DSS, a standard with an instrumental role in preventing customers' card data getting into the wrong hands.



But has your small to medium sized firm stopped to consider the importance of secure online backups in this compliance process? After all, many firms simply don't realise how easily compliance could be broken by their present backup arrangements. You may take a daily copy of all data onto tape or disk, but as soon as that tape or disk is taken offsite, the data's non-encryption means that you are no longer compliant with PCI DSS.

Choose the PCI DSS online backups of Pro IT Support

A wide range of small to medium sized companies across Kent and London are advised to contact Pro IT Support about our secure online backups that are fully compliant with PCI DSS. Our PCI DSS online backups take place nightly, and involve the strong encryption of data for its storage offsite in a secure data centre. Your raw data is not accessible to anyone at any stage, and the restore process is also simple and secure.


Choose Pro IT Support for truly secure online backups that remove the need to fret about PCI DSS compliance for your small, overstretched firm.