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With energy costs continuing to rise, network infrastructures introduce significant stress on power, cooling, maintenance, management and rack space. Financial overheads mainly come from servers and network equipment energy consumption and rack space utilisation. With data centre costs increasing year on year companies need to rethink their strategies and adopt an efficient by design approach.


Efficient by Design

An efficient by design, Green IT approach can help companies to regain power and cooling capacity, improve resiliency and deliver a significant uplift in server and network capacity, while at the same time significantly reducing the total cost of ownership for your data centre.

Within most IT infrastructures, there are a number of potential areas where efficiency improvements can be made, including server and network performance.  Proxar IT Consulting have been able to replace up to 8 old servers with one new high specification server, introducing immediate savings in power requirements as well as reducing the rack space needed to accommodate the same processing capacity.

Combining a balanced mix of power efficient technologies and adopting an efficient by design data centre strategy will help you to implement a sustainable Green IT initiative that will deliver tangible benefits, including a reduction in carbon output, significantly reduced energy costs and an improved total cost of ownership.

Proxar IT Consulting will be able to identify and implement the most appropriate solution to meet your data centre requirements, including:

  • Upgrade of servers and network devices with modern, more efficient servers that require less energy and provide a significantly higher level of performance
  • Implementation of virtualisation to improve infrastructure efficiency and reduce the server footprint
  • Consolidation of under-utilised infrastructure
  • Decommissioning of inefficient servers and network devices
  • Improvement of maintenance procedures to reduce idle time for servers

Energy efficient high specification equipment

Upgrading your servers can deliver immediate benefits in power and cooling savings as well as a substantial increase in performance from a smaller infrastructure footprint.

In a recent case study, we compared an infrastructure of 250 three year old HP DL360 G5 servers running a website with 1000 requests per second at peak times against comparable new Dell R710 servers.

Case Study Comparison: Results


HP DL360 G5

Dell R710

% Improvement

Total Time (s)




Requests per second




Power Consumption per server




Amount of web servers needed to serve 1000 req/s (with maximum 60% of CPU utilisation = 1660 requests/sec)




Total Amount of servers required




Total power requirements(AMPS)




These results show that the total amount of servers in this scenario can be reduced to 20% of the existing server footprint, immediately introducing significant savings on an on-going basis in rack space, management, maintenance and power costs.

Finance options

Proxar IT Consulting provides a fixed fee service for all our IT solution projects. We guarantee that there are no hidden charges and will provide you with the certainty that your project will be delivered within budget.

The cost of engaging Proxar IT Consulting to deliver an efficiency by design approach / Green IT initiative for your business would be covered by the overall cost savings delivered by the project.

We are able to offer a range of finance agreements to spread the cost of your Green IT initiative including Cisco EasyLease and would be happy to discuss this in detail with you.

Act today and realise the benefits quickly

Proxar IT Consulting provide a suite of environmentally friendly IT Solutions that are high performing, reliable, scalable, cost effective and will ensure that you have a long-lasting, sustainable data centre network.

Contact us on +44 (0) 203 515 5555 to discuss your IT infrastructure requirements and see where we can help you reduce your company's carbon footprint, improve server and network performance, lower your energy costs and deliver a significantly lower total cost of ownership.


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