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In recent years Green IT services have become more and more popular, improving productivity of many companies as well as the economy of the entire country. Together with growing demand for Data Centre services, several problems have occurred.The most significant ones are:

  • The increase in energy charges
  • Space limitation

The latter is especially visible in the area of Canary Wharf, London. Many organisations express the need for more equipment. As a result, the prices for rack space are increasing at never before seen rates. In terms of power, data centres have started putting higher charges on consumption on per rack basis.

Impact of recession to Data Centre Refreshments

Vast majority of companies that require large server farms for their day to day operations have been affected by recession over the last few years in two different ways:

  • Investment towards data centre infrastructure refreshment has been put on hold or decreased as compared to previous migration
  • Resources in technical teams are consumed by day to day operational requirements leaving no room for additional projects

Green Data Centre Solutions pays for your migration costs!

According to IT specialists, Green Data Centre Design can be described as a set of practices of designing, manufacturing, and using servers, storage and networking systems efficiently and effectively with minimal impact on the environment1.

A correctly and carefully designed IT environment can increase energy efficiency, lower total costs of ownership by saving space required for the equipment, decrease the expenses of recycling and disposal, as well as reducing your carbon footprint. In other words, by utilizing Green Data Centre Solutions, you can not only control your carbon emission and diminish on-going expenses, but also improve the public image of your business. Green IT is also the answer for recent, eco-friendly legislations such as Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) introduced in 2010.

Case Study - Migration of medium size Data Centre Network

To illustrate how Green IT works, let me present you a simple case study;

Because of the recent economic crisis, many companies have not upgraded their Data Centre equipment. As a result, many servers utilised in the Canary Wharf area are inefficient in their performance and power consumption. Thus, business owners are interested in renting more rack space. In Canary Wharf, the price of renting one rack can be as high as £1500 per month. In addition to that, we need to take the energy expenses into account. Assuming that a corporation is utilising four-year-old equipment and owns 10 racks filled by 200 2U servers, the total monthly outgoings are approximately equal to £23,000 per month. What if the business is growing and needs 5 more racks? The monthly expenses would increase to £34,500p/m. Also, with lack of space there would be a problem of locating additional racks in the vicinity of existing racks.

If the same company updated its equipment without any change in capacity, they would only require 60 servers in 3 racks. The monthly expenses would drop from £23,000p/m to approximately £5,000p/m. If they upgraded the equipment to one that would increase the capacity by 50%, they would require only 5 racks instead of 15. The monthly price for both renting racks and power use would be less than £7,5002! The savings would be visible in significantly lower prices for:

  • rack space required in data centre
  • power consumption per server
  • human hours required to maintain infrastructure

Effectively, the annual budget of maintaining a Data Centre Network have dropped from £276,000 below £60,000, introducing total annual saving of £216,0002. Considering that the average Data Centre Network has a life time of 4 years (based on Proxar's experience in IT Consulting as well as ITIL recommendations) it would save £864,000.

Instead of thinking of obtaining more Data Centre space, we should try to utilize the existing one better. Exchanging the old servers with new, more efficient ones not only could but will significantly decrease expenses. Higher performance of the updated equipment creates significant savings while helping the environment and getting compliant with CRC schema.

1Murugesan, S. & Laplante, P.A. (2011). IT for a Greener Planet. IT Professionals, 13, pp.16-18.
2All costs were calculated based on the actual prices as on March 2011


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