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A well-designed network is essential for any organization where productivity relies on fast and secure access to data resources, applications and web infrastructure. No matter what the size of the business, a personalized, flexible and secure network can allow businesses to fulfil increasing demands of the market.

Cisco Borderless Networks Architecture was design to securely connect all network users regardless of the physical location or the device used. Recently, Cisco introduced several enhancements to meet the growing requirements:

•    Cisco Identity Services Engine
•    Cisco Prime for Enterprise
•    Medianet technologies and video conferencing
•    Cisco ISR G2 integrated video conferencing
•    Medianet Readiness Assessment Service

These solutions are designed to help businesses achieve an excellent client experience and increase workforce productivity while generating significant reductions in operating costs. The quality of the newest Cisco solutions has already been recognized by various companies from all over the world.

Aviatur, a Colombian Travel Agency with 30 subsidiaries and over 3,000 employees has chosen Cisco Borderless Network Architecture to relocate its workforce without affecting operations or losing contact with their clients.  The implemented technology allowed communications to go through Internet Protocol networks, instead of public networks (introducing additional 20% of savings on the communications expenses). Also, Cisco products and solutions were successfully implemented by The Costa Rica National Bank, giving it the ability to increase productivity, speed up processes and create substantial expense reductions.

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