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Proxar IT Consulting was recently selected to perform a Data Centre network audit and upgrade for a new client based in London.

As a result of the audit, it was recommended to upgrade the client’s Cisco ASA Firewalls to avoid potential capacity issues that had been identified and to improve network security.

As an additional improvement to information security, a software upgrade to the latest Cisco ASA version was suggested. ASA firewall software version 8.4.x provides improved security especially against common DOS and DDOS attacks like Syn Flood. It also provides a useful set of new data and measures to monitor the health and security status of the network.

For all network implementation and deployment projects, Proxar IT Consulting uses a structured ITIL-based approach to ensure the quality and delivery of the agreed solution meets the client’s expectations, from sourcing the hardware to the go-live deployment.

As a Cisco partner, Proxar IT Consulting was able to easily source the new Cisco ASA Firewalls as agreed with the client. The new firewalls were then implemented within our Cisco lab environment, where our Cisco Certified Expert engineers could upgrade the software, convert the old ASA configuration, prepare the new devices and test them without impacting on the live systems.

When the new Firewalls were successfully configured to meet the requirements of the solution, and fully tested, a change was raised with the client to implement the solution into their live environment, following Proxar IT Consulting’s standard ITIL-based change control process. In this case study, the client was pleasantly surprised that the expected downtime was estimated as only “up to 5 minutes”.

The change was approved by the client and our Cisco Certified Expert engineers installed the new firewalls in the live environment ready for the switchover with the existing firewalls. The switchover took less than one minute and caused no unexpected issues for the client’s existing systems.

Our client reported that they were pleased that their firewall technology, that forms the primary defence for their network security, had been upgraded seamlessly with minimal impact to their existing systems.

At Proxar IT Consulting we strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of the IT services and solutions that we provide. Our clients wouldn’t rely on us if it wasn’t be for our expertise in network design and bespoke data centre management; and we continuously aim to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Network Design and IT Consulting services cover London, UK as well as across Europe and USA. Contact us to find out how we can help you in achieving your goals with minimal downtime to your infrastructure.


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