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In the past few months Garancie Ltd has contracted Proxar IT Consulting to design and build a Linux based web platform to host their online system. Due to the nature of Garancie's business high level of network security as well as Linux security was a crucial requirement for the project. Garancie also decided to host their company website using the same infrastructure.


Linux + Apache + PHP + MySQL web platform

CentOS Linux was chosen as a base operating system for the platform for various reasons, but mostly for security and performance. Apache web server is stable, well known and trusted software that works very well in conjunction with PHP and MySQL.

Network Security Solutions

On the network level our IT consulting company has a great deal of experience in picking right technologies to meet our clients’ expectations. Every device on the network is updated to the latest stable version of software and it was configured to maintain the highest security standards.

ASA Cisco Firewall Consultancy

From all the firewalls available on the market we have picked the Cisco ASA with deep packet inspection. Cisco has a reputation as a leader in network security devices especially in data centre security.

Linux System Security

CentOS Linux is based on Red Hat sources with an independent Quality Assurance and build process. The system was patched with the latest updates and security hardening; therefore it provides a good base for a secured web platform.

Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux)

In addition to Linux updates and network security solutions our IT consulting team has recommended Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux).  Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a set of features that extend discretionary access controls, by mandatory access control mechanisms through the use of Linux Security Modules (LSM). SELinux consists of Kernel modifications, Linux Kernel modules and user-space tools that work on various Linux distributions.

Netfilter iptables firewall

Garancie's web platform also supports netfilter iptables Linux firewall. To protect the system and sensitive data located on a network Proxar IT Consulting have implemented a Linux firewall which forms another level of protection. In the unlikely circumstance where a potential attacker could obtain access to a local network there is still a local firewall that is protecting a Linux system from unauthorised access.

Network Management

To maintain the same level of protection and to achieve high availability of the system Garancie Ltd has decided to use Proxar’s network management and network monitoring services which are available on 24/7 basis.

Network Monitoring

Comprehensive system monitoring is a part of our network management offer. Working in accordance to ITIL v3 we have implemented full system and network monitoring. Our monitoring and reporting platform is capable of providing out network management team with a full overview of network and system status. To fulfil the requirements for capacity planning we have also implemented a network graphing tool.
The above combination can help us to react to any issue, as well as proactively preventing other potential issues.


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