Data Centre Network Design

Professional Data Centre Network Design services focused on medium and large scale LAN/WAN deployments. Proxar IT Consulting specialises in Network Security, Network Design, Implementation and Management Projects.

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IT Consulting Services

Benefit from expert IT Consulting Services performed by highly qualified engineers based in London, UK.  Proxar IT Consulting provides services for companies in Europe and US.

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Network Management (Cisco/Red Hat/CentOS)

We specialise in Network Management with a focus on Red Hat/CentOS Linux and Cisco equipment.

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Welcome to Proxar IT Consulting

Proxar IT Consulting offers a comprehensive array of IT Solutions and Services for a medium to large companies in both the private and public sectors. IT Consultancy can help with short and long term projects. In the process of developing an overall IT Strategy for a business, companies can utilise our knowledge and experience by using our IT Outsourcing and Project Management services. As a professional IT Consulting company, we know that Network Design and implementation projects drive requirements for additional resources with specific expertise, like Cisco and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Certified engineers. Professional attitude would dictate that team working on web infrastructure assignment has a high level of understanding of current Information Technologies including Network Security aspects like PCI DSS compliance. Indeed, Proxar IT Consulting is incredibly adept at providing companies of all sizes with secure, reliable and robust network design solutions and will assist you in creating a practical, sustainable IT infrastructure for your organisation.

Our network security solutions will provide the most secure and up to date software and when combined with our Red Hat Enterprise Linux Consulting can advise you regardless of the infrastructure. We can implement Green IT solutions, which will save your money. Our experience with Network Management and Network Monitoring can notify you about the current state of your network, 24/7, and assist you to maintain a reliable IT infrastructure.

With our IT Project Management and IT Strategy Consulting we will help you to finish any kind of projects within agreed time and whilst increasing network performance.

Our IT Solutions and Services include:
IT Consultancy Services – To keep you ahead of the competition we will deliver the latest technological advancements and provide a whole range of IT consultancy solutions and support.
LAN/WAN Network Design – If you want to build new infrastructure or review existing one Proxar is the best to help with it. We are able to build secure high-performance platforms compliant with common standards and the policies of networking.
Network Security Solutions including PCI DSS Compliance – We offer network security solutions (including PCI DSS Compliance) for data centres and offices. If security of data is extremely important to your business strategy contact with us.
Green IT Solutions – Proxar will utilise the latest server hardware and other data centre technologies to achieve the reduction of energy use, energy expenses and space requirements.
Network Management – We can help your business to benefit from a reliable and stable IT Infrastructure. Our expertise covers most features of Linux/UNIX systems administration and data centre networking.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Consulting – Use us in order to have flexibility and stability in Data Centre Network Design, resolve technology difficulties and maintain scalability and full control of network with high level of security.
IT Outsourcing – It will provide efficient and right solution and help to fully use information technology functions to meet all of your requirements. We will accomplish all of the projects without hidden fees and on agreed time.
Cisco Network Consulting – We can deliver guidance and solutions with device installation, configuration and troubleshooting. Detailed analysis of specific problems related to Cisco Networking is next important part of our support.
IT Project Management – The positive outcome of every project (from redevelopment or rebuilding to creating a new IT infrastructure) is fundamental for us. We will ensure that the organisation’s operational and strategic objectives are meets.
Network Monitoring – It is an extremely important part of the data centre design process. This system will sound the alarm when something (from virus or malware infections to crushed servers or power outages) goes wrong.
IT Strategy Consulting – This will maximize Information Technology contribution to organisation results. Proxar’s IT Strategy will increase network performance and IT efficiency and effectiveness.

IT Consultancy Services and IT Outsourcing

Proxar offers a comprehensive range of IT Services to support businesses of all sizes. We can help you to become more efficient, effective and therefore more profitable by utilising the benefits of information technology.

Our customer-focused approach and predetermined fee business model will allow your organisation to accomplish projects more efficiently, with the certainty that it will be completed with no surprise fees and within the agreed timescale.

LAN/WAN Network Design

We are primarily interested in driving the growth and development of your business by implementing fully-functional, affordable network designs and assisting with all aspects of your IT outsourcing projects. By discussing about our Network Management and Network Design solutions, you’ll find that by investing in a well-designed data network you will experience a substantial increase in productivity and increased network security, amongst many other great benefits normally associated with IT outsourcing.

Network Security Solutions including PCI DSS Compliance

Whether you’re looking to update your current data network with the latest network security technologies or are starting completely from scratch, the experienced advisers at Proxar IT Consulting will tailor our network management services to fit your project.

We give you comprehensive, supported and specialised Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance services. It includes analysis of the structure; consultancy of security and solutions; and implementation.

Green IT Solutions

By financing Green IT solutions, you will reduce your carbon emissions and join the thousands of organisations around the country now working towards saving fuel and creating a greener future by applying energy-efficient technology.

Proxar IT Consulting are leading specialists in Green IT consultancy and are committed to providing clients with all the information they need to reduce their energy bills and implement energy-efficient servers. In today’s challenging economic climate, we’ve found that more and more firm owners are tuning in to the benefits of updating their infrastructure with Green IT solutions and fuel-saving IT project management alternatives – there are many advantages associated with this environmentally-friendly network design option, including the fact that by reducing your energy output you’re also reducing your energy bills, lowering your outgoings almost straightaway.

Network Management and Network Monitoring

From the initial consultation all the way to negotiating prices with suitable suppliers, we’ll be at hand to deliver practical IT management and outstanding IT outsourcing results for you. By employing our network design experts to develop a clear IT strategy and effectively deal with all aspects of your network security, you are able to focus on other important parts of your business, safe in the knowledge that your network monitoring and general IT outsourcing affairs are in the hands of the professionals.

Proxar provides network monitoring which is integrated with the IT infrastructure. We are able to configure and maintain it to achieve desired results. To utilise a full capacity of monitoring platform we have built our own one, based on Red Hat Linux, Cisco Network and open-source software.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Consulting

We can help to resolve technology difficulties from conception of the architecture to deployment of any kind of system. To get the most out of your new system current IT infrastructure will be evaluated. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Consulting provides stability and flexibility in Data Centre Network Design, is able to support any hardware architecture with maintaining full control and scalability of any network.

Cisco Network Consulting

The dedicated team at Proxar IT Consulting can give you a complete network design, network management advice, Green IT reviews and a whole host of other IT consultancy services. We are proud to boast qualified Cisco network engineers who will be able to offer up-to-date information on all the latest Cisco support technologies and network monitoring updates.

IT Project Management and IT Strategy Consulting

Our approach towards IT project management is second-to-none, as Proxar IT Consulting takes the considerations of our clients extremely seriously. We will consult with you at great length to establish an effective IT strategy that takes into account all the clear benefits of IT outsourcing, which include the advantages of expert network monitoring, professional IT consultancy services and the added bonus of comprehensive Cisco support.

Proxar’s IT Strategy Consulting focuses on maximizing Information Technology contribution to meet your needs and on people who manage those strategies. To build a good IT strategy we will take into consideration all aspects of your organisation.

Our main objective is to find and implement the best IT solutions and services to drive your organisation forward, providing a high-quality product and service that goes above and beyond your expectations. We will do everything that is required to meet all of your needs.

IT Consultancy Services and IT Outsourcing; Network Design and Security Solutions; IT Project Management and IT Strategy Consulting; Green IT Solutions - London, Kent, UK - Proxar Ltd.