Secure WordPress hosting

If there's any ecommerce platform out there that caters for a very wide range of needs for less, it is surely the Jigoshop WordPress plugin of Jigowatt. The platform has been developed by professionals who know how to deliver effective online shops for global brands.  
But when the Jigoshop Pro package is chosen, customers don't just benefit from this versatile platform - they also get the highest standard of secure hosting, courtesy of Proxar IT Consulting.

Jigoshop Pro - the perfect WordPress hosting package


Those online business owners seeking the perfect combination of enterprise level support and hosting could barely choose a better, more all-encompassing solution than Jigoshop Pro.
The WordPress platform itself certainly has its own set of benefits, with the core WordPress functionality being enhanced by elegant and lightweight code. However, that functionality can be enhanced even further by a broad selection of premium themes and extensions. Meanwhile, built-in widgets and shortcodes allow you to build the most suitably tailored online store, and graphs and dashboard widgets provide detailed order and stock reporting. However, the Jigoshop Pro package goes further than this, offering truly secure hosting thanks to PCI Data Security Standard accreditation. Compliance with PCI DSS is absolutely imperative for merchants that accept payment cards, and with Jigoshop Pro, your website is hosted on PCI DSS accredited infrastructure, removing all worries about non-compliance fines. 


Reliability and performance, thanks to Proxar


This truly state of the art WordPress hosting is made possible by a distinctive partnership between Jigowatt - the company behind the Jigoshop Pro plugin - and Proxar IT Consulting, which has a strong background in the design, construction and hosting of large websites that receive high traffic.
Proxar IT Consulting knows that an ecommerce website has to be not only secure so that there are no data breaches and customers can trust the online store with which they share confidential and sensitive information, but also fast. After all, customers on the Internet make their purchase decisions in milliseconds, in the knowledge that if one site provides a poor experience, good competitors are quick and easy to find.
But of course, uptime is another vital consideration. One instance of an ecommerce site failing to load can lead to that prospective customer clicking that browser 'back' button and never attempting to visit the site again. It's why Proxar IT Consulting so prioritises absolute 24/7 uptime for the secure hosting that it offers with Jigoshop.
So seriously do we take keeping your ecommerce site performing as well as it can, as well as constantly available to visitors, that we provide 24/7 monitoring, with any problem that does arise being immediately identified and resolved with the help of the information that we gather. 


A range of cost-effective WordPress hosting packages


All of our Jigoshop Pro packages prioritise the highest levels of both secure hosting and support, but there are nonetheless various options to choose from, depending on your ecommerce ambitions, requirements and budget.
You may choose our Silver package, for example, which for £300, combines our PCI DSS accredited secure hosting platform with regular load and security testing, offsite backups, a high performance resilient network, hardware load balancing, monthly usage reporting and caching and page speed enhancement.
All of these features are shared with the higher-level £800 Gold and Platinum (Bespoke) packages, except with various enhancements in terms of uptime SLA, guaranteed bandwidth and the number of visitors that can be accommodated by your site each month. 

There are also slight variations between the packages in terms of the support available for your secure hosting from Proxar IT Consulting via email or phone, as well as with the Wordpress plugin from Jigoshop. Contact us now for more information about this industry-leading Wordpress hosting package.