Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Network Security

Proxar IT Consulting Services are able to maximise network design and implementation of network security providing entire infrastructures that are energy efficient, scalable, reliable, cost effective and able to deliver profitability with sustainability together with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This includes the entire software stack and network security required for optimal operation of applications which provide the easy way to holistically manage operations and deliver exceptional business performance.

IT Consulting

We have long held the view that association with excellence provides the competitive edge when seeking to deliver of your best in IT consulting terms. The care taken when working with a Rolls Royce product such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux brings out the best of our engineers stimulating them to go one step beyond to provide exceptional service and sustainability throughout the IT consulting process delivering the optimum in data centres, network design and network security.

Network Design

The excellent standard of our engineers when linked with Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides opportunity for exceptional outcomes in terms of network design and security.  Allowing performance, ability of scale, security yet flexibility combined with control across infrastructures, removing barriers, engaging staff skills and reducing inefficiency.  Allowing the Proxar IT Consulting designed network system and the business to maximise the opportunities presented in these times of financial disruption, safeguarding your business through ever more competent network design and security.


Network Design and Security, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 - London, UK - Proxar IT Consulting.