High demand for our Dedicated Linux Servers

There are criteria you should take into account when you choose your dedicated server:

  • Network Security: of course the security technology used for your website is the priority as you need to protect your data against all internal and external attacks;
  • Data Centre Location: you need to know where will be host your website’s equipment and if it is a safe place that match the security requirements;
  • Support Services: support is important to keep the service at the same level of quality and, most importantly, keep your data safe.

Proxar IT Consulting provides a solid platform for web hosting which is secure, fast and reliable. We use Red Hat and CentOS Linux servers with iptables firewall and mod_security application firewall. Network is built of Cisco devices including Cisco ASA firewalls. We host equipment in the Bunker, PCI DSS and ISO 27001 certified, one of the most secure data centres in the world.

As these technologies are the most efficient and reliable solutions in IT services, we indeed choose to use them to help our clients. We also deliver managed services, advanced Cisco consulting and 24/7 support services because we focus on quality and therefore we will assure the maintenance of our services.

Our dedicated server and Linux server management services cover the UK as well as clients in Europe and US. Contact us to discuss about your needs and we will offer you a solution adapted to your requirements.


Dedicated Linux Servers, Cisco ASA firewalls - London, UK - Proxar IT Consulting.