Green IT hosting is increasingly important

ICT companies are keen on a sustainable cost savings, while the capacity of Data Centres is increasing, this is at odds with each other. Webwereld asked several experts how green IT is seen in the hosting business and IT in general. Paul Preston of Proxar IT Consulting in London, a company that advises on sustainable ICT sees a huge growth in demand for sustainability in the ICT business: "Green IT solutions are becoming increasingly popular. About three years ago, none of our early customers asked for green advice. Now it is an important part of our business."

Proxar IT Consulting's Paul Preston has been working in London: "The smaller companies in the UK are interested in Green IT as a way of cutting costs. Energy conservation helps to reduce operating costs. But in large companies, emissions and regulations around it are the most important factor for sustainable work."

The Green IT solutions that are provided to companies vary and there are hundreds of opportunities for someone who wants to do something good for the world, said Paul Preston. "There are so many possibilities. Most of them focus on how a company can achieve the same targets while it is still able to reduce energy consumption. Companies want to improve efficiency and sustainability, they can achieve this with software or hardware."

Some experts seem divided by green web hosting. Paul Preston says that hosting companies can do little to improve sustainability: "Webhosting has little to do with Green IT and Sustainability. It depends on good hardware and a sustainable data centre."

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